Saturday, December 19, 2009

So proud of our donkey!

On Thursday morning, Zachary had his Christmas program at his preschool. Before the performance I was not sure if he was going to sing like normal, sing really loud like ELF, be a mute, or run off the stage to see his mommy. Fortunately, he sang and did his sign language. It was very gentle and super quiet but he was ADORABLE! To be honest, Kevin and I think he was super embarrassed about his donkey costume. The children in his 3 year old class were either sheep, cows, or donkey's. His teachers told me that he selected the donkey on the morning of the performance. We were so proud of him! If you have never seen a childrens Christmas program, I would highly encourage you to find one to attend. They are so sweet, innocent, and a Christmas blessing. I felt so full of God's love when I left the program. Here are a few pics of Z's class. '

Zachary is on the far left
Zachary is the second boy on the left in the donkey costume
He is doing the sign language to Silent Night
This was adorable it was a pre-k nativity scene

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