Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A First!

Being that Zachary is three years old we very rarely see him do something for the first time. Of course he has his first day of Kindergarten, first time to drive, first date, etc to look forward too, but those will not be coming for quite some time. It seemed as a baby he was always doing something for the first time. Now that he is a "big kid" nothing is a "FIRST" until last week. He wanted to take a shower. Yep, he has never take a shower by himself. I think he has only taken a shower with someone 2-3 times in his lifetime. So this was huge. It was also a big deal because he is not a big fan of getting water in his eyes. First he inched back into the water and next thing you know he was under the shower totally. He loved it. He used so much soap on a louffah that we had to stock up on some more shower gel. In fact, it was a chore to get him out of the shower. It seems that life is getting a lot easier for us these days. I miss the baby but I love his new found independence.

He likes the water hot..just like his mommy! Check out that steam!


insteadofthedishes said...

Woo Woo! So nice not to have to lean over the bathtub anymore, eh? C&C have been taking showers with me for several months now in the interests of saving time, water, and back muscles, but i don't think either of them would go it alone.

Rachel Peacock-Young said...

Hey Zachy! Elliott will be so excited you take showers too.