Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Elliott!

On this day 6 years ago our family was forever changed. Elliott Wood made his appearance at 10:55 pm.  I worked that day. It was so hard to concentrate on my patients.  After every patient I would call over to L&D to see how my sisters induction was going.  I remember one of my co-workers took my 4:00 cleaning so I could get over to my sister before Elliott arrived.  I was afraid I was going to miss it.  Little did I know that via C-section that night we would come. Oh how much I love this kid.  He has turned into the biggest sports enthusiast I know.  He knows more about football, basketball, the Steelers, Penn State Nittany Lions, and Nascar than any 6 year old I know.   He's such a great big brother and cousin.  We love you Elliott!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

MaMaw & PaPaw's Birthday Celebrations

Our "Usual" Christmas/Mother-in-law birthday party includes going to Silver Dollar City to see the lights on the last Sunday before Christmas. My mom and I usually host a quiche, salad, and soup lunch for Karen's special day after church then head to the city. 
However due to Will's upper respiratory infection and several schedule conflicts we hosted her birthday and my father-in-laws very belated birthday on Tuesday Dec 20th.  I can't remember the reason know but my sister, brother-in-law, Elliott and Jerrytt were unable to come. This was sad for all of us because we were also going to make our annual gingerbread houses.  But like I tell Zachary all the time....plans change and we can't get upset. We have to go with the flow. 

Kevin's Aunt Judy (Karen's sister) sent Will this Santa Claus suit the week before Christmas.  Because he was so under the weather he really did not get to wear it very much so I made sure he had it on for MaMaw's birthday.

 Instead of a birthday cake I made Pumpkin Crunch Cake from my sweet friend Lori Naylor.  It was a hit! 

 Kevin with his Mama!  Can you tell he had just got home from work?
 Here's Z with his final creation.

I felt bad the night was thrown together and so last minute but at least we got to celebrate, make our houses, and have a night with our family. Happy Birthday Karen & Marvin!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Poor Baby!

On the 12th of Decemeber I took Will to a pediatric pulmonologist to have his neck looked at.  It's a very long story but since birth, Will, hyperextended his neck WAY back!  At first we just thought he was just used to being crammed inside of me but after about 4 weeks we started to be a little concerned about it.  When asking the pediatrician about it he recommended that we see a pediatric pulmonolgist because he thought the reason he was hyperextending was because he had a week trachea causing an airway issue.  They thought he had Trachea Malacia.  Google it.  I did and then I was worried for my little baby.  After a visit to the specialist they ordered several test and wanted us to come back January 25th.  About a week after this appointment Will started having major breathing issues. We took him to our pediatrician on a Saturday morning and he was diagnosed with brochiolitis.  He was weezing, having trouble breathing, and he was just plain miserable.  Poor Will!  We rented a nebulizer and had to do breathing treatments every 2-3 hours.  I have a new found respect for parents of chronically ill children.  The round of clock care was exhausting and so stressful.  You don't care about anything but your baby being well. 

 Thankfully my mom (retired nurse and exceptional Grams) would come and help me give Will his treatments.  Poor Zachary cried the first couple times we did this to Will because he was so scared and worried for his brother.  We were thankful that Will is SUCH A GOOD baby because it really did not bother him.   He was so good even when he was SO sick. 

Unfortunately the weeks before, during, and after Christmas were busy taking care of this sweet baby boy.  Not exactly the 1st Christmas we imagined but we were so thankful that we were not in the hospital.  On January 9th we stopped the treatments and the pediatrician said he was 100% better.  Back to the hyperextended neck issue.

See how Will held his head....It was always hyperextended back. Let me say that when he was born he was born SUNNY SIDE up.  He was stuck in the birth canal for over 3 hours with his neck bent back.  In hindsight he should have been a C-section baby but at the time he came out after a very hard labor. 
  Will saw the pediatric pulmonologist yesterday afternoon for a follow up of his hyperextended neck. Dr. Carlise reviewed all of the tests (Barium swallow, oxygen/sleep study, blood gases, and chest Xray) that we had done in December. Dr. Carlise and his nurse cannot explain Will's current condition but he is 100% healthy.
My mom and I really think that when Will saw Dr. Carlise in December that the doctor did some sort of manipulation or streching of his neck when he was doing his physical exam. Dr. Carlise said that what he did would not have "fixed" Will's condiiton. He said that he thinks there was "someone higher up" that fixed Will. Prayers have been answered! Both Dr. Carlise told us in a very candid conversation that when they first took a look at Will back in December they knew something serious was wrong with him. Today they saw no signs of that at all. So much so that we are released from his office and no further testing is required. This means NO trachea Malicia, NO cerebral palsy, NO torta collis!
The ONLY explaination was that God heard our prayers and healed Will. We are praising God for his full recovery!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer in December!

Summer is the BUSIEST months at my husbands work. Everyone works so hard at the office that we like to show our staff how much we appreciate them. Well this summer I was way to uncomfortable to plan anything. I felt terrible but it actually worked out quite nice. One day in November I snuck into the office and decorated the breakroom in Hawaii/Beach themed party decorations. I left a vague note about how on Thursday December 8th we would have a Summer in December staff appreciation afternoon. The staff thought it was the "Christmas Party" but it wasn't.

First we had a quick lunch because they wanted to get on with the games. Then we had a scavenger hunt. My sweet, clever sister came up with a 10 question scavenger hunt at the mall. Basically each team of 2 (one team was a group of 3) had to use a smart phone to send me their photo at each clue. The team that completed all 10 clues with the fastest time won bonus cash. At some clue locations there were gift cards for Target, Orange Leaf, etc. The moving clue which was my mom and the boys gave out office pull over jackets. Something our staff had been begging for for the past 3 months. After this game we did a shopping spree where they got cash. The only rules with the money was that they had to spend it on themselves! The person closest to the amount of money without going over got an additional cash purchase. It was a great afternoon.  I hope our staff realized how much they mean to us.  Thanks to my sister for making up some amazingly hard clues.  Funny thing is the same team that won the scavenger hunt won the shopping game.  Talk about LUCKY! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back tracking! 2 boys and 2 girls with 4 parents!

The first weekend in December we were elated to have our good friends Ryan & Becki come down for the weekend with their 2 adorable girls (ages 3 and 3 months). As soon as they arrived Ryan started unloading their car and carrying in several bags. All of them were BRIGHT PINK! I loved it. Our weekend plans were to have NO PLANS! It was the BEST weekend!

Here are the baby's sharing in conversation.  I think Will was envious of Elin's long beautiful hair.  He was making the moves on her.  Elin was born August 29th. Will Sept 12th.  I love Will laying on the leopard blanket with a pink border :)

On Friday night we had a Taco Bar and then just chilled in the basement. We let the kiddos stay up late.  The big question was whether or not Libby & Elin's elf "Buddy" was going to find them at our house. Low & Behold SHE DID!  We woke up that morning to Shorty (Z&W's elf) and Buddy (Libby & Elin's elf...she is female but has a male name) fishing with candy canes off our mantle.  Let's just say these elf's enjoyed each other that weekend! 

 On Saturday, the girls went shopping a bit, we made homemade individual pizzas, baked sugar cookies, iced Sugar cookies, the guys watched football, and we made clipboards.  I love Becki so much.  We have always had so much in common.  We joke that we are sisters....we really are because we were both Alpha Chis (just at different colleges). We love crafts, sewing, cooking, shopping, and all things girly.  Our husbands always make fun of us because whenever we are together we find something to make and we have to make a trip to Hob Lob or JoAnns. This time in was modge podge clip boards.  Unfortunately we were so sticky or covered in paint I have no pictures of this part of our weekend. I must add we were planning on going to SDC to see the lights but it was raining and very cold so we just stayed in all day.  It was perfect.  The kids had a blast too.  I think Z & Libby had a crush on each other. 

Making sugar cut out cookies
 Later that night when they were cool the kids iced them and decorated.  They were the most beautiful cookies I had ever seen!

 These two kids were so much fun!
 On Sunday we went to BPS to see the Christmas village and have breakfast. 
 Beck, Lib, Zach, and Elin in a tent.
 Hugging in the middle of the camping equipment. Immediately following this picture we caught them kissing in the aisle.  Crack me up!
 Group shot
We have decided that we have a locked in date on the calendar for the first weekend in December to have a weekend visit.  We all enjoyed each other so much.  We love you R, B, L, & E!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 months...back Dec 12th

I am so far behind on this blog. Our December was crazy busy with doctors visits, breathing treatments and one very sick little baby. It was so sad and pathetic!

At 3 months Will is starting to get a tooth!  Yes you read that right...3 months.  He has the best temperment. You would never know he was teething except for the continual pile of slobber.  He is still a very, very good baby. He wears size 2 diapers.  Size 3-6 months clothing.  He LOVES his big brother.  This month he was diagnosed with brochiolitis which means that we had to do a nebulizer breathing treatment on him every 3 hours.  Most babies would be terrible but Will was very tolerant of the medicines.  Mommy was more cranky than he was.

 Several people are starting to say he looks like his mama.  I'm not sure who he looks like but I do know it is not his big brother at the same age. The next picture is of Zachary at 3 months. Dec 28, 2006.

Boy, time is sure flying by fast. Much faster than this mama wants it to.