Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 months: November 12. 2011

On November 12th Will turned 2 months. I feel like time is flying by so much faster this time around than with Zachary.  Man I love my boys. I want them to be grown up but it is so hard to say goodbye to the newborn stage. 

Will is the best, most content baby.  He is so laid back, easy-going, and 99.9 % of the time super happy. 

On November 17th Will had his 2 month check up and immunizations. 
Here are his stats:
Weight: 11.13 lbs (50%)
Height: 23 1/2 inches (50%)
Head: 39.5 (25%)

At two months: Will sleeps from 8 pm until 5:30 am without getting up at ALL!  Praise the Lord for a sleeping baby!  Will loves to smile, loves his big brother, and anyone that will talk to him. 

Will wears size 3 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Will enjoys breast milk and long walks on the beach...just kidding. LOL!

Will has lost most of his black hair except a ring around the back of his head. 

Just because my boys have birthdays 16 days apart it is super easy for me to compare what they were doing at 2 months, what they were wearing etc. 

Here's Zachary's stats on November 17, 2006...
Weight 11.1 lb (50%)
Height: 23 1/4 (50%)
Head: 39 (25%)

Basically they were the exact same size which I think is hilarious!  I thank God several times each day that he gave us these two precious boys to raise.  Even though some days are long, exhausting, and rough I am SO thankful for this chapter in our lives.  I love having a 5 year old. I love seeing how much Zachary learns each day.  I also love holding a newborn so long that my arms go numb. I love the smiles I see when I go to his crib to get him out of it. I love seeing the two of them interacting together.  I love my boys so much that those rough moments seem like nothing.  Thank you God for my life!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zachary and Mommy All by ourselves!

Zachary is the best big brother.  After Will came home from the hospital Zachary only showed a few moments where I could tell he felt left out. He wasn't jealous or upset but you could tell he missed having his mommy to himself.  So I have tried really hard to set a side some time daily for just Zachary and me time.  Usually it is when Will is taking his afternoon nap.  The afternoon before our Peacock Pumpkin Carve Z and I made some spooky treats....Black Widow Spiders.
 Z was so excited to do a project with mom! Even more excited they were spiders!
This is a picture from the magazine!
 Rolling out the dough
 The final product!
 Making more! I love that Zachary is getting to be so independent that I can let him do the entire project without a major spill, accident, or catasrophe. 
We had a great afternoon and the spider sandwich cookies were yummy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Trying to get Zachary to decide on a Halloween Costume was ridiculous.  We have a set of pirate costumes that I got for 75% off last year after Halloween from our Disney Cruise. So I kept asking Z if he wanted to be a pirate. Of course he didn't so I dropped it and he eventually decided on Spiderman.  Fast Forward to Halloween night. Kevin worked until 4:30. My inlaw's came to our house to see the boys. I must add that they came over in costume. It was hilarious. But I don't have pictures on this computer. Anyways, when Kevin came home he changed into regular clothes. Z flipped out. He said, "I thought you guys were going to be pirates!"  What? We totally forgot but since it was Halloween I went downstairs grabbed the costumes off the hangers and we threw the costumes on.  Here we are getting ready to walk out the door with an adorable Mickey Mouse. 

This cracks me up. Here's Kevin carrying W into Aunt Stephs for our annual first stop and dinner.
Big Brother Z as Spidey

Aunt Steph loving on Will. Notice in the background Jerrytt as a computer robot. Perfect costume for him since he loves all kinds of techology (phones, computers, cameras, etc)

Next stop was my cousins house: Lisa, Darrin, Austin, & Wade. 

Then we went to my parents house. Unfortuately I have no pictures of this.  We have decided that next year we are actually going to go door to door trick or treating with Z and W.  We just always run out of time making our rounds to show off the boys. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stay Tuned!

I promise I am going to start blogging again....I have to its the only way for me to document our life these days!

This past month we have watched the Cardinals win the WORLD SERIES, had our pumpkin carving challenge,  celebrated Halloween, celebrated my 33rd birthday, celebrated Will's 2 month b-day, and Kevin has been preparing for his board certification renewal. We have been busy!  So hang tight..I will be back.  On that parting note I will leave you with a few pictures of my boys in the "LUCKY" Cardinals Build A Bear Outfit.

2006 Zachary's Halloween Costume post Cardinals World Series Win

2011 Will wearing the Build A Bear Costume during Game 7

Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Friday our family was getting together for our "Annual Peacock Family Pumpkin Carving Challenge". It's a day that we look forward to for the entire year.  We always have pizza, halloween snacks, and carve pumpkins together at my parents house.  We were supposed to arrive at my parents at 6:00 p.m. but for whatever reason it took us FOREVER to get to my parents.  We left our house at 5:30 and normally takes us 20 minutes to get to their house. This night it took us 50 minutes. When we arrived at 6:20 I thought it was odd that Claire Bear my parents bulldog did not greet us at the door with a hat or costume on. Instead my dad and brother in law greeted us. I just figured Claire Bear was either asleep in the living room or that my parents had put Claire in her room to keep her away from Baby Will.  Oh how I wish that was the case.  I could tell something was wrong with my mom. When I asked her what it was she said that Claire died. I said, WHAT....she said that Claire was hit by a car 15 minutes ago and she died.  I could not believe what she was saying.  It was terrible.  Claire Bear was a part of our immediate family. You might remember this post about my new sister, Claire.

My mom said the pizza man came at 6.  My parents had no idea that CB had stepped out of the house. Within minutes a neighbor called to see if Claire was inside the house because a dog was laying in the middle of the road in front of my parents house.  My dad stepped outside and immediately knew that it was Claire.  My dad quickly moved her out of the road because he knew we were all supposed to be there at any minute.  I truly believe we were not supposed to be there at 6:00.  I don't think I could have handled seeing her in the road.  We went ahead with the pumpkin carving because the boys were so excited.  When we were done we started watching the World Series.  Zachary started looking around the living room and asked my mom where Claire was.  I knew it was coming but nothing prepared me for that moment.  It was HEARTBREAKING!  Both Zachary and Elliott were upset that their doggy best friend was gone. 

I know it could have been a lot worse and that others are dealing with a lot more than the loss of a pet however we LOVED Claire Bear. She loved us. She loved the grandboys and brought so much joy to my parents.  She was the funniest dog I had ever seen.  We had so many fond memories the time Zachary told his teachers he had a dog.

I'll post pictures of the pumpkin carving later. It's funny because our family is so competitive when it comes to this pumpkin carve. We all want the title as the winner but this year it didn't even matter.  The only reason we still did it was because of the boys.  It just goes to show you that each moment is precious and that life is short!  Love on your pets, love on each other, and enjoy every second.  My sweet cousin, Jen is the person who introduced my parents to rescued English Bulldogs. She posted the sweetest tribute to Claire on her blog.  Check it out.

We love you Claire Bear.   

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zachary's 1st "hunting" trip!

*Hunting trip took place September 4th, 2011

The past year every time Kevin packs up to go hunting, Zachary stands at the garage door and begs to go with him. Our goodbyes with Kevin usually end up in tears because he can't go. Last Saturday, Kevin and PaPaw were going to go out to Ruey & Freddy's land to "scout" out deer and get their locations set up. As the day drew closer I asked Kevin if there was any way that Z could tag along with them. There would be no weapons, no hunting, and no stress. Kevin thought it was a perfect idea too.

The night before and the morning of Z was SO excited!  He couldn't wait!  I got up and made the boys fresh blueberry muffins and loaded up Z's lunch box with snacks.  I was so excited for him and excited for my morning of peace & quiet.  How is my baby old enough to head out in the woods with his daddy and grandpa? 

 He was ready to go!
 My boys....Z has his play bow and arrows around his neck....he wanted to get a deer or a turkey.
 PaPaw & MaMaw showed up with the four wheeler so that Z didn't have to walk 1.5 miles like I had to last year. :)
 All loaded up!
The boys came home about 4 hours later. They had a blast. Z was excellent.  Kevin was so glad I packed him a lunch box of snacks because the entire hour ride home from the farm Z ate every morsel of food.  I guess "hunting" made him hungry.  They did not see any wildlife but Z came home with a big turkey feather. You would of thought he found $100 dollars. He was pumped!  Sweet memories of my boys with their dad & grandpa. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Will Collins at 1 Month (Oct 12th)

My sweet friend, Kim, gave us these adorable monthly onsies to use each month.  When Zachary was a baby a friend of mine, Kaci, gave me these monthly signs.  It's funny for me to look back 5 years and see how much has changed in 5 years...from poster signs to custom made onsies.  LOL! 
So on October 12th Zachary and I posed Will for his monthly photo shoot.
Currently his eyes are blue and his dark black hair is falling out. 

Currently his eyes are blue and his dark black hair is falling out. 

 Due to a mild blow-out we had to have an outfit change. LOL!

Will's Stats at One month old:

Will weighs 10.5lbs and is 21.5 inches long. He wears size one diapers and 0-3 month clothes.

He loves his Big Brother and smiles at everyone. 

Will is the BEST baby. He sleeps from 10pm until 5:45 almost every day. Occasionally he will wake up at 4:00 am for a "snack".  After his snack he immediately returns to his crib and goes back to sleep like a champ. 

Will is a cuddle bunny. He loves to be held and loves kisses. 

Will is very strong.  He loves to lift his head and look around. 

This month he has been to church, Freddy's 85th birthday party, 5K walk, several baby showers, to the movies with Big Brother to see Lion King, to the movies with mom & dad to see Courageous, and out to several restaurants for family dinners.

His favorite thing to eat is his milk.  He nurses like a champ too.  He eats every 3 hours except during bed time. 

Will this past month our family can't imagine what we did before you were born.  You have changed your brothers life! He adores you. We love you so much and are so glad you are a part of our family.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 update!

I figured I would continue to update my blog on a daily basis after Will arrived. However I have realized that I would much rather be playing with my boys than being online. I also figured I would be on the laptop when I was nursing Will but that hasn't happened either. My theory is it can wait however I am starting to realize that if I want Will's pics in our family blog book I better get busy. So here it goes...

We always celebrate my "grandfather's", Freddy, birthday in October. For the past 24 years we have gone to Branson for the weekend with our Lemon's family. This year due to schedule conflicts and the real grandkids being in college Ruey cancelled the weekend long party. Instead we went to dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate. We also celebrated Kelli's, Uncle Mike's, Uncle Matt's, and Zachary's birthday. It was a fun night.
Ruey was tickled with her newest "GREAT"...that's what she calls her great grandkids.  Will fell in love with her too.

Grams & Pops with their youngest grandsons
"Aunt" Renee with Will

Jerrytt has found his "wheels"...hes walking around everywhere and he's so proud of himself. 
Zachary got a three piece lego set from Rue Rue and Freddy. He loved it!
Rachel & I with our Freddy! Happy 85th Freddy! We love you!
In the morning while I am getting ready Zachary climbs in our bed to watch cartoons.  Zachary asked if Will could join him.  He's such a good big brother.  Will loved every second getting attention from Z.

Here's another morning cuddle with Zachary.  Will was still in his swaddle blanket. Z adores him.
Kissing on "Brother Bear"...that is Z's nickname for Will. It's not that Will is a "bear" its his love term from the Berenstein Bears books.

This photo cracks me up. Will was stretching and trying to get comfy on Z.  Zachary didn't know what to do. 

This month we also got to see some of our bestest friends when they were in town for a weekend get-away.  You might remember this blog post about Becki and I being pregnant at the same time.  Well Becki had miss Elin Jane on August 29th.  She's adorable and resembles her mommy, daddy, and big sister, Libby.  It was so cute to have our babies together.  Will is 3 weeks younger than Elin. 
 Close-up of Elin and Will
Beck, Hil, and Babies Hanging out watching the Cardinals at the cabin
Ryan and Becki thanks for including us in your weekend plans.  We can't wait to see you again in December. 

On October 15th, the boys and I walked in the 5K Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk.  Z calls it the ". "Save the Boobies walk".  We walk in honor of "Aunt" Steph, Melody, and all of our other family and friends that have survived breast cancer. 

Grams giving Will a bottle before the race starts! 
Rachel and Abbey getting their PINK on!
Mel and Hil before the race
Zachary's newest thing is that he gets "embarrassed" if he thinks someone is talking about him, if he accidentally falls and he thinks someone sees him, etc.  I can't remember what this hug was for but I'm almost certain it was because he was "embarrassed". 
Here is Charley wearing Pink for her Mommy!
Well, that is our October thus far.  I am really hoping I can get this blog updated more. I have a ton of pictures it's just not enough time to share. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am loving life with 2 boys!  So much so that I never open up my laptop.  If I need to read e-mails or something like that I use my phone. Which is why my blogging is lacking.  I figured I better download a few new pictures so that I don't get totally behind. 
Will's bell button fell off last week which meant he got to take a "big boy" bath.  Z was so excited. Zachary was in the big tub and Will sat tubside in his baby tub.  Both boys loved it! 

It doesn't get any better than this. I told  Kevin the other day I could have a newborn in my house at all times....if and only if he/she was a good as Will is AND if they stayed a newborn :)   I love the coos, the cuddling, the smells of a clean newborn body, the touch of soft,soft hair.  Yum I could just eat him up!