Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am MOVING!  Moving my blog address....You see it's way overdue considering our blog address includes each of our names. Poor Baby Will has never been a part of this address. Being that he is 16 months its about time I add him to our blog address.  Like I mentioned in my previous post about 2013 my #1 goal for the year is to get back into being my family's memory keeper.  It's so important. After the school tragedy in Connecticut, I realized how valuable our family's blog books are.  It really made me think. Sure, I have a million tasks to do each day and blogging was kinda tough to do.  However, when I think about not having these daily events, pictures, and memories of my boys in a blog book in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years I cringe. I decided it was time to take that extra 20 minutes to do a quick blog entry.  So here it goes. I think I have all the kinks figured out.

Won't you please join me at our new BLOG home.  Without further ado, we are officially

Please move with us and update your blog links if we are on your side bar!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's A New Year....

I love New Years! I love a new start! It's silly how a one on the calendar can change my perspective, my motivation, and my attitude.  Kevin and I are very much routine people. We don't like change.  After being married for almost 10 years we can pretty much guess on what the other person is going to do, want to do, or say. Back when he was in his residency we would sit in our one bedroom nasty livable apartment on our broken futon and pray about our year and set goals for what we "wanted" to accomplish.  I say "wanted" because we know that God often has other plans for us.   I LOVE that we still do this. I have a folder with our goals, dreams, and plans for each year.  Sometimes "our" lists gets crossed off and sometimes it doesn't.  My favorite years to look back on are 2006 when sweet Zachary was born, or 2010 when Kevin's office was built, or 2011 when Will was born. Those are blessings where God out-gave and out-blessed our little family.  This year Kevin and I had our "Annual Goals session" on a 3 hour car trip coming home from a weekend away. 

I am excited for what God does in 2013. Kevin and I have big and small goals.  After the Conneticut incident (I say incident because we did not tell Zachary about it) I realized that I want to continue to capture our everyday life on this blog.  I am in the process of moving to a new blog that includes baby boy #2 in the address. LOL! But one that I can really start focusing on our memories.  I really don't care if anyone reads its more just for me to cling to when the boys are all grown up and out of the house.  I love my previous blog books or ask Kevin calls them "Family Year Books". I'm sick that I lost about 14 months worth of blogging because I was too busy taking care of a newborn &  5 year old.  I'm really going to focus on making up for lost time and getting back into the daily habit of blogging.  That's  my 2013 goal. So let's see how it goes. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas at Zachary's School

Zachary had several very fun Christmas events with his kindergarten class and with his school.  One afternoon his Kindergarten class made Gingerbread houses.  Zachary LOVED this.  It was extra sweet because Grams came to help too.  However I don't have any pictures of her :(
Here's Zachary's finished house with snowman

Zachary and Spencer (one of Z's best buddies in his class...the share a birthday)

 Working hard decorating!
 Zachary's school hosted a Breakfast with Santa the 2nd Saturday in December.  Will was still under the weather so Kevin stayed home with him.  I loved that I could spend the entire morning with Zach one-on-one.  We ate breakfast with some of his classmates, made 3 crafts, he wrote Santa a letter, and then he saw Santa & Mrs. Claus.  They were FANTASTIC.  Not sure if you notice but the school elf was up in the garland. His name is Fredrick and he arrived Dec 1st to the school.  Some days he was a good elf and other days he was a little naughty. All of the students LOVED him. Fredrick was the hit of the school...especially to the students who did not have an elf at home.  The principal told me she loves when Fredrick arrives because the students are very well behaved :)
Mrs. Claus I think thought Zach was a lot older than he is.  She gave him a bell from Santa's Sleigh.  She told him that only give it to one child and he was the special one to get it.  Zachary was super excited.  However as a mom who doesn't want to leave anyone out it sure was odd when Z had a bell and all of his little classmates didn't get one.  Can you say Aqward?  Z still has the bell.  Before we went into breakfast he told me that he knew the Santa that was going to be at his school was just a "helper". Then after they gave him the bell he whispered in my ear that it was for sure the authentic Santa Claus.