Friday, May 30, 2008

Please keep the prayers coming!

First of all, thank you for all your prayers, nice words, and comments. My dad and my cousins returned home yesterday. It was really hard to see them walk in the door without my Uncle. Please pray for my Aunt Sharon, John, Matt, my dad, and the rest of the families. This has been terrible. If you would like to see a nice article on my uncle click on "nice article".

Also my good friend & "cousin by marriage", Kim Moore, who is also my Uncle Charlie's niece has a nice blog that has pictures of Uncle Charlie. Click here to view it.

As hard as this entire tragedy has been so far, my dad reassures me that he has felt God's presence with them the entire time. My dad cannot say enough about all the kind people, police, the owner of the cabin site, and "angels" that helped him and my cousins while they were in Canada. Besides prayers for the Peacock family also pray that my uncle's body can be sent home ASAP. It has been difficult to schedule the funeral and stuff, but the worst part is that everyone needs closure. My Aunt Sharon needs to see her husband to make this nightmare a reality. It has just been a waiting game. Please pray some more. Thanks again and God Bless, HIL

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tragedy in the Peacock Family

It has been a rough 12 hours for the Peacock family. We received word that my dads brother, Uncle Charlie, passed away . My dad, Uncle Charlie, and my two cousins John & Matt were on their annual fishing trip in Canada. My uncle died in a fishing accident. My cousins and dad tried CPR to save him but he was already gone. Please pray. Pray for my cousins who lost their dad and for my dad. I cannot imagine what they are going through. They are in the process of loading up to drive home from Canada. I am just sick about the whole thing. Also pray for my Aunt Sharon who is in Sedalia with her sister Maxine. I appreciate prayers for everyone at this sad time. My dad is 1 of 6 siblings. This is the first one he lost and he witnessed the entire accident. I am worried about him and my cousins. Thanks.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Christmas In MAY

2 BLOG Post in one day. Check out the post before this one too!

This spring we have done a lot of outdoor remodeling around the house. First we added a fence. We thought a fence would be perfect for Zachary to play in the back yard. Then we added the flower boxes to the front windows. I love them and will enjoy the flowers all summer long. Lastly, we are getting a water irrigation system in the front & back yard. I am so excited that I do not have to go out and move the sprinklers every 30 minutes.

So now that everything is almost done (the sprinkler should be up and working on Monday) we went outside to play and there is nothing to play with. Zachary ends up going over to our neighbors to swing and play. THANK YOU SWATEKS! With that said, today Zachary got a couple Christmas presents in May. Paw Paw Marv came over to install a swing we purchased for Z. See I told you I had my own personal handyman. Then Kevin put together a plastic slide thingy for Zachary. It's nothing like our good friends, Kim & Casey Moore's play land, but it's a start for a 20 month old. Zachary loved going out to the backyard to see his new toys. Of course, I am just as excited because we can just step outside and play. Now all we need are some of Zachary's friends to come over...Elliott, Charley, Carina, Celeste...Come on over. We're are ready for summer!

Surprise Zachary!!!

Zachary and Daddy checking out the plastic thingy.

Zachary enjoying his new outdoor toy.

He loves it!

Zachary showing off his new swing

Zachary says, "Come on over to play. I have lots of toys to share".

Thank You Marv!

I've got the best father-in-law in the world. Kev's dad, Marv, has been titled my "handy man", my "super", & my "landlord" over the past 5 years.
Kevin, is a very talented husband but he was not blessed with the skill of Mr. Fix IT. My dad, Jerry, is also a fantastic, talented dad, but he is not Mr. Fix It either.
So if I ever need something done around the house, Marvin is who I call. I mentioned to Marv that I would LOVE cedar flower boxes out side my front windows. Next thing I know he has designed them, purchased the supplies, put them up, and painted them, plus the shutters. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Check them out. I will post the before, the after, and then the flower boxes with flowers. Thank you Marv for all the work you do for me.

Our House before the flower boxes

Marvin's custom flower boxes and shutter painting


AFTER with flowers

Flower boxes with flowers

Thanks Marvin!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baker University, Alpha Chi Omega, Three Stooges...Oh MY!

This weekend has been a LONG awaited weekend. My alma mater, Baker University always holds an alumni weekend in May. I have not been back since I graduated in 2001. This year my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, celebrated 100 years on campus. So I had to go back to visit my sorority sisters, see the campus, and take Kevin to Baker. This was Kevin's first trip to a piece of heaven on earth...Baldwin City, KS.

Kevin and I dropped Z off with my parents for the weekend and headed to Olathe on Saturday morning. We were very excited to see my best friends from Baker (Julie & Megan) along with their significant others, and my good friend & sorority sister Mara. After we met up, we piled in the car to head to Baker. Upon arriving to Baker we went to the AXO house where we reunited with my AXO "daughter" Leigh, my AXO "mom" Kaci, and lots of other AXO sisters. It was just like old times. As soon as I walked back into the house several memories and emotions filled my heart. It was just like yesterday when I walked into house. So many of my AXO sisters helped put on this AWESOME celebration for which I am thankful. You guys did at great job! Leigh, Beth, Jess, Kaci, Lindsay...THANK YOU! My good friend Susan McNeal from Springfield also made the trip to Baker to celebrate with her pledge class, so that was awesome to see her there too.

After the dinner we headed back to Olathe to hang out at Julie's boyfriends house Jeff. They both were EXCELLENT hosts and took good care of us. We had a baby shower that evening at 11 pm for Megs, Aaron and their soon-to-be daughter. For those of you who know Julie, Megs, and I you know our "RENT" performances. We did sing a little song from RENT before Megs opened her gifts. It was a fun night. Sunday we woke up and headed to First Watch for Breakfast. I was sad that our time together was over. After breakfast, Kevin wanted to hit Cabella's and Dick Sporting Goods so we went there with Julie and Jeff. It was nice to visit a little more. Then we said our good byes and headed down the highway. On our way home, Kevin and I talked about how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends. No matter how much time has passed between our visits we always reconnect and enjoy each other. Thanks for a fun weekend. A-L-P-H-A C-H-I O-M-E-G-A!

Click on photo box to view photos from the weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zachary's Playdate at Charley's

Today, I dropped Zachary off at his best friend, Charley's house while I went to get my haircut & highlighted. I feel guilty saying that but there was NO way Z was going to sit in his stroller while I spent 2 hours at the salon. Mel was SO awesome to watch him. Zachary LOVED every minute of it. Check out Mel's blog at to view the adorable photos. I love Zachary donning the PINK bib and riding the PINK Barbie Car. Thanks again Mel. I owe you one!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Update on Elliott

Everyone has been asking so I wanted to give you an update. First of all, thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. Elliott saw a pediatric allergy specialist this morning. They took lots of blood to do several tests. My sister says they should know the results in 3-6 days. After the tests are in they may or may not do the allergy "poke" test. Elliott looks A LOT better than on Friday but he is still taking liquid albuterol, benedryl, and eye drops daily. The little guy has been a trooper through it all. I guess now the prayers are for Matt and Rachel. Because of his medications Elliott is SUPER HYPER. He has not taken a nap since this started and he is moving 20 hours of the day. My sister refers to him as a "bumble bee". This is so unlike the easy-going, slow paced Elliott. Rachel and Matt are exhausted but thankful that he is doing better. I will keep you posted as I know more. Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Ever since I realized how much my mom did for me and my family I tried to let her know how much she is loved on this day. Now that I am a mommy I realize it even more. My mom has ALWAYS put my sister and I first. She dropped whatever she wanted to do to help us. I am so thankful for my mom, my Ruey, my sister, and my mother in-law. Today we had a great get-together at our house.

Today Kevin and Zachary did all that they could to make me feel loved. We went to church, then headed home to have our Mom's over for lunch. It was fun to have everyone here (except my bro-in-law...he had to work). We ordered Luigi's pizza and had Village Inn Pies. No cooking here. After our celebration we took naps. It has been a great day.

Happy Mother's Day! Love HIL

My favorite moms... This was 3 years ago. I love this photo and had to share.
My mom, Ruey, Me (10months prego), Karen my mother in law, and Rachel

Today on Mother's Day

Zachary and Me (3rd Mother's Day)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Please pray for my nephew Elliott

My nephew Elliott has been having major issues with allergies the past few weeks. My sister has taken him to the pediatrician several times in the past month. They just said he has severe allergies. Friday while Elliott was at his preschool they called Matt to inform him that Elliott was having a HUGE ALLERGIC REACTION. After giving him Benedryl they took him back to the pediatrician for the second time that day. Because of the severity of his allergic reaction they have gotten him to see a pediatric allergy specialist first thing Monday morning. Please pray for Elliott this weekend, and on Monday. We are all very worried for his condition. The little guy is as happy as he can be. He does not realize anything is wrong. The only complaint you hear is that "my eyeballs hurt" or "I'm itchy". They are not sure if his allergies are from the outdoors, food, or other items. As his Aunt I am so worried. I love the kid like he is my own. I hate to see him the way he is. I just about cry every time I see him. I think I would cry but Elliott is so happy. It just breaks my heart. So I am asking that anyone who reads this blog pray, pray hard for my little man.

Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you updated.
Love, Elliott's Aunt Howie

I have posted 3 pictures of Elliott. The first one is "Happy, Healthy" Elliott. If you don't want to see his allergic reaction photos only look at the first one. The 2nd and 3rd photos are Elliott on Friday afternoon post-Benedryl while he was waiting to see the doctor.

Happy, Healthy Elliott

Allergic Reaction Photo #1

Allergic Reaction Photo #2

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We're home!

Well it's late and we are tired. But I wanted to post that we made it home with all of our luggage. It was so nice to be greeted by our family at the airport. Zachary zonked out on the last flight 5 minutes before we landed. I will post pictures of our last day in Florida later this week. We had a great time with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kathy, Brynn, and Karsen. It was just a little short. More updates later. We are going to bed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 5 Vacation

FYI::::: You can click on the photos to enlarge them. It is hilarious to enlarge the first photo from today. Seriously now.

Zachary "lubed" up for the beach...sunscreen provided by daddy

3 Austin cousins entertain each other on the hotel room chair

Zachary playing on Beach

Karsen holding/carrying Zachary

Aunt Kathy, Brynn, Karsen, and Z

Cousins on the Beach

Brothers on the

Aunt Hil and her girls

Aunt Hilary, Brynn, Karsen, and Zachary swinging

Brynn holding Zachary

It's been a very exciting day here in Florida. This morning Z had our usual breakfast and then played around the resort. We decided to go on a walk this morning when we ran into Uncle Jeff in the lobby. Zachary immediately let Uncle Jeff pick him up and walk him around. After we found the rest of the Austin's we pulled Kevin out of his class.

Since then we have ate lunch, played on the beach, swam on the beach, Z took a much needed nap, fished on the beach, paddle boated, ate dinner, walked on the beach, walked around the resort, swung in the hammocks and enjoyed each other's company. We packed a lot into our day. Zachary adores his cousins Brynn & Karsen. He also has a taken a liking to his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kathy. Here are some pictures of our wonderful day. We are sad that we are headed back home tomorrow. Its been a great vacation. I am dreading getting Zachary back to our "normal" routine. YIKES!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 3: Vacation

Well, last night after I posted our blog we went for a long walk around the grounds. Zachary mellowed out and fell asleep as soon as we returned to our room. Again we are so glad that his sleeping has not been an issue.

Today we woke up. Kev went to his classes. Zachary and I enjoyed our breakfast of bagels and bananas. Z wanted to eat it like a monkey. (Sidenote: usually I slice each piece into what I call "banana coins". However I doubt the cleanliness of the knifes in our room so he got to eat it out of the peel). After breakfast we went to the Starbucks to get mommy her morning energy. After coffee we swam and then went on a 3 mile walk. Z crashed in the stroller. After our walk/nap we had a lunch date. My cobb salad was so good last night that I ordered it again. We met Kev/Dad for his breaks. This afternoon we were in the room napping and showering. I am pleased to report our sunscreen is working. YEAH!!!

Tonight we drove to Tampa (approx 15 miles) to eat at one of my favorite chain restaurants...Bahama Breeze. They have one in St. Louis but we never go there. Last time we ate at one was in Orlando for Kevin's Ortho Boards. Let me just say that this trip to Bahama Breeze was a lot different than last. We did not think the menu was as good as the last time. Also we had a very tired, hungry little guy. Luckily our wait was only like 3 minutes. Zachary got his dinner first...BIG MISTAKE. As soon as ours arrived he was "DONE". He threw the biggest fit. Everyone began staring. I tried to do what our friend, JAMES DOBSON, recommends. I took him to the bathroom and told him that mommy & daddy still needed to eat. I don't think he heard a thing I said because there was beach music on in the bathroom. He was too busy dancing. When we returned back to the table he lost it. I told Kevin to finish his meal and get mine packed up. This was the first time in Zacharys life that we have done this. You'll see me holding my coconut shrimp in the photo. That was the last time I touched them in the restaurant. Z and I went outside. Kevin brought my food and I ate it in the car. Once we got in the car Zachary crashed. Poor guy. I think he has a little too much vacation.
Well, I did not mean to make this a long blog. Zachary is ready for bed but he
is begging me to tell you that the baby ducks are doing great. We have stopped to see them several times today. Rumor has it that another set of ducklings hatched overnight. We have not seen them though.

Well, nothing else is new. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Tomorrow our Austin family from Naples is joining us. We are really looking forward to it. Talk to you guys later. Love HIL

Last nights Florida sunset

Zachary's breakfast of champions


Staying hydrated...Zachary always has a drink in his hand.

My lunch date at B.R. Cuda's. Cobb Salad Day 2

Zachary & Daddy at Bahama Breeze

Zachary excited about coloring on the menu

Mommy excited about coconut shrimp

Zachary's Ducks

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vacation: Day Two

Well I am HAPPY to report that Zachary did AWESOME in is portable crib. Not sure if it was because he was super tired but he just got in there and laid down. It was so nice.
Last night after I blogged we headed out on a walk around the resort. We came across "movie night" or what the resort calls "DIVE-IN". It was at the kiddos pool on a HUGE BIG screen t.v. I guess the idea is you can lay on your rafts in the pool and watch the movie. We just crashed on the pool furniture and watched a little of Napoleon Dynamite. Zachary's personal request was "The Bee Movie"...we're keeping our fingers cross for later in the week. HA!

This morning Kevin headed to his "Dawson Course". Meanwhile Z and I hit the pool. I think we were the first people out to the pool area. People must have thought we were nuts. We lathered up with sunscreen and swam. Zachary loved it. We met Kev on his breaks. After some more exploring of the resort we found mini-golf, paddle boats, several walking trails, and lots of neat restaurants. Since our early morning swim, Z and I have gotten into the pools three more times. He is turning into a little fish. In fact during lunch I could have sworn I saw fins growing out of his back. Another first for Z was that I ordered him a small chocolate shake after he ate his meal. He was in heaven!

After Kev got out of his class, we met him for a paddleboat ride. Zachary really enjoyed it. On the ride we saw a family of ducks, a swan, and lots of plants. After the ride we hopped in the pool for swim #4 for the day. Again Zachary was in heaven. After the swim we got Cobb salads for dinner. We are going to post this blog then head for a night walk on the beach. There is live music out there and the sun is setting. Gotta run. Talk to you all tomorrow. Love you all, HIL

Dive In Movie night at the pool

Kevin enjoying the movie

Zachary relaxing at movie night

Mommy & Zachary swimming

Zachary jumping off the edge

Zachary's 1st EVER chocolate shake
A Paddleboat ride

Zachary's exciting find on the boat ride. He was very excited to see the DUCKS.

A night swim with Dad