Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Big surprise!

Zachary's school is really big on parent/family involvement. They encourage and welcome parents to come and eat with your child(ren). I love this! I wanted to go eat with Z the first week of school but I was hesitant because I didn't want him to rely on me coming to eat with him and I didn't want to be that hovering mom that prevents him from making friends so I waited 2 LONG weeks to go eat lunch with him. I invited my parents to come along and of course they were just as excited as I was. I did not tell Zachary that I was coming. In fact I sent his lunch box in his backpack and put a note inside that said, "SURPRISE!". When his class came down the hallway for lunch Grams, Pops, Will, and I were waiting with Wendy's. Zachary spotted us and turned bright red. He waved and you could tell he was SO EXCITED! The P.E. teacher was on lunch duty and she set us up at the end of the table so we could have a nice lunch.

The kids meal had Where's. Waldo? glasses in them.  Pops and Zachary LOVED this.  All the kids in Z's class thought my dad was the best grandpa ever....oh wait he is!
 Group picture!
 Pops...Aka Jerry Potter
 Zachary was in Heaven!

Even though we were only with Zachary 25 minutes it was a great time to love on him, encourage him, and eat lunch with him. It was the highlight of his day, week, or probably year.  Thanks Grams & Pops for coming out to lunch with Z.  Zachary has informed me that he would love another "surprise lunch" whenever we want to come back.