Sunday, December 30, 2012

2nd Annual Moss Weekend

So some of our bestest friends have started coming to our house the first weekend in December. This was our second "ANNUAL" Christmas fun weekend.  Becki and I had been corresponding over e-mail about things we wanted to do with the kiddos.  To be honest we could sit around in our pjs all weekend long and never leave the house and we would be 100% content.  Our husbands went to school together since Kindergarten.  Becki and I just clicked from the first time I met her.  We were both in the same sorority and we both just LOVE projects and crafts.  I look SO forward to this weekend.  Zachary does too. He can't wait for Libby (4) and Elin (1) to arrive.  Our kids get a long so well together.  Love that! 
Last year, when they came a surprise vistor followed them to our house.  Buddy the ELF, Libby & Elin's female Elf-On_the Shelf!  So of course she had to return for another weekend of fun with our elf "Shorty".  When we awoke on Friday morning both elves had gotten into my wrapping paper and wrapped gifts for all of the kids.
 Love, Shorty & Buddy
 Zach & Will's gifts
 Libby & Elin's Gifts
 Lib and Zach were super excited to find the elves and the gifts
 Will loves unwrapping so he was excited too

 Christmas PJS!

Elin & Will (1 month apart...Elin is older)

 Z was being silly and put on Libby's tutu that went around her adorable I Heart Santa Pjs.
 We went to SDC to look at the Christmas lights.  Beck took all the pics but I pulled my camera out on our way home. The boys changed into their new pjs in our van. 
 Again since Beck was the professional photographer for the weekend I did not take pics of the crafts, cookie decorating, painting, etc.  I did however snap an automatic timer pic before they left.  The first one is what our life really looked like during the weekend.  Just craziness.  I took Will to our pediatrician's office first thing on Sat morning while Beck watched the kids. He had a massive ear infection. Elin had pneumonia.  Zach & Libby were on cloud nine because they had 3 days together. Kevin and Ryan were on cloud nine because they went shooting and did guy things all weekend.  So it was choatic at times. I wouldn't have changed it for a thing.  Great memories with Great friends!
 Take's the second automatic timer picture that is a little better. Elin is hiding between Becki & Ryan.
I love having close friends that we can be "real" with and share life with. Looking forward to our Christmas weekend in 2013.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things....

I always enjoy it when my blog friends do a FAVORITE THINGS post.  I like it because I get exposure on new things.  I am such a loyal consumer. If I find something I like I keep using it forever.  Sometimes it can be a problem because I don't try new things and I get in a time warp. 
Please share in my comments some of your favorite things or let me know if you have a favorite things on your blog. I love learning about new items.
Here are a few of my favorite things at this current time. 
Favorite Thing #1 NAKED eye shadow palatte by Urban Decay.
I came across this eye shadow about a year ago at Sephora.  I.LOVE.IT!  You can do so many different looks with it, it says on all day, and there are a ton of youtube videos on how to apply this that you can't go wrong.  Currently urban decay has 2 different palattes out. I have the 1st one and have used it for over 10 months.  It's kinda expensive but if you think of it that you are getting 12 different eye shadows and an application I got a bonus in my package when I bought it. It's not too bad.
 Favorite thing #2 is Deco Mesh. 
I started using this on my tree 3 years ago.  Back then it was very hard to find, only came in about 5 colors and was never on sale. This year Hob.Lob has it and it's almost always 50% off making it about $5 a roll. Plus they have a ton of different colors. LOVE this stuff!

Here's a pic of it on our tree...ignore my adorable boys playing with the train, sitting on the train.

My #3 Favorite thing is Dunkin Donut Coffee. 
LOVE IT! Enough said!
 Favorite thing #4 is Staples Academic Calendar. 
Yes, I know I haven't been in college for over 10 years but I still use this. I love the daily pages, the monthly calendar, notes section, and the plastic binders.  My mom just got a new erincondrin planner that is super custom and adorable.  I have thought about switching but you can't beat the $19.99 price. 
 Favorite Thing #5...Holly Jolly Scentsy Warmer.
I have 2 scentsy warmers. I only use them at Halloween and Christmas. I just love the look of this one and it serves as a great little light on my kitchen counter.  I love the glow and the smells!

Favorite Thing #6 Soma Intimates Cool Nights PJS. 
 Last year my inlaws got these for me for Christmas.  I fell in LOVE. They are so soft, comfortable, and fashionable.  I can't wait to slip into my pjs every night because they are so comfy.
 Favorite Thing #7 Soma Intimates Slimming Leggings. 
I could wear leggings everyday. I love them.  They are much more comfortable than jeans and skinny jeans are not in my vocab. LOL!  The problem with leggings is they can be thin or they wear out really fast. I have found if I spend a little extra on a good pair of leggings they last much longer and feel better.  These are my favorites!
Favorite Thing # 8: Amazon
This year I became an Amazon prime member...which means I get free shipping, and a lot of free things for my kindle.  I LOVE it.  I have done about 80% of my shopping on amazon this year.  I don't have to leave the house. I can see the reviews and it's on my doorstep in 2 days. My husband doesn't like it so much because our UPS lady brings all of our home items to his office. He doesn't like bringing everything I order home with him and he thinks that his staff thinks all I do is sit at home, shop online, and eat bon bons.
 Lastly, my most favorite thing this season has been Stormie Omartian's book, The Power of a Praying Life. I have read about 5 of her books. I was ready for something new.  This was exactly what I needed.  She motivates me to study God's word more than any other person. My husband jokes that I act like Stormie is my BFF. I am always referring to her. Almost daily I say, "Stormie, had a great reference to ....scripture".  She's always the topic of conversation at the dinner table. I love her passion for the word. 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peacock Pumpkin Carving Challenge

This was our 6th annual Peacock Family Pumpkin Carving. Let me just say that each year gets harder, and harder to come up with an original pumpkin idea.  Our family starts thinking about the next years pumpkin as soon as this years event was over.  This years competition was the best yet.  We have the best time doing this event.  As the boys are getting older they are also REALLY into it too. 
Here's Pops getting ready to get started on his pumpkin
 Aunt Kelli is always one of our judges and she is ALWAYS in charge of the pumpkin seeds.
 The guys working on the designs.  You can prep or paint your pumpkin prior to the event but you have to carve it on the night of the carve.
Alot of our friends asked me how we pick the winner. Well, we all get a vote and we have non-biased judges at the event to vote and count the votes.  We have a travelling trophy that the winner gets to keep for the entire year in their home.  Yes, we are that crazy competitive family.  If you win you are very proud to display this year round in your home.  This year we also opened up the voting on Face.Book
 Pumpkin #1 Bert & Ernie
 Pumpkin #2 Eagle
 Pumpkin #3 Nemo
 Here is where the judges are taking the trophy to put in front of the winning pumpkin. I love this picture because everyones eyes are on that trophy .
 And the Winner (both that night and on FB) was BERT & ERNIE done by the Young Family!
These two pumpkins were fantastic and deserved the title!
Nemo came in 2nd place.  If you asked my nephew Jerrytt what pumpkin was the winner he would say Nemo and he would tell you that Nemo was HIS pumpkin. Grams & Pops felt like they were the winner because this little boys loved it so much.
 In 3rd place was the Nixa Mascot Baldwin the Eagle by the Austin's!
 Here's Jerrytt by his pumpkin, Nemo!
 And we could not have this fun night without our judges....
Aunt Kelli, Candise, Kaleigh, Jason, and Uncle Kelley
It was a great night and the pumpkins were AWESOME!  The bar is set very high for the 2013 Pumpkin carve!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Zachary's school does an amazing job teaching the "Character Traits" of the month.  Every month they have a SOAR assembly where they celebrate all the good that they students do. They do a cheer, a monthly character word song, do give aways to students who earn SOAR bucks, and praise all the students for doing well.  They also have each classroom vote on the Student of the Month.  When I found out that Zachary was voted Student of the Month for October (which was Self Control month). I was so proud of my little man.  He was pretty excited and proud too.  They invited all our family to the assembly. Kevin was terribly bummed because he was not able to move or bump his patients in such a short notice but we made sure we took lots of pictures and video so he could see Zachary getting his award. 
Here's a group photo of us by the SELF CONTROL TREE.


All of the Mathew's Elementary Student of the Month's for each classroom

Way to Go Zachary! We are so proud of how well you are doing in school.  You are the best!
 We love you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Hero Halloween 2012

Zachary has been talking about Halloween since Halloween 2011.  He wanted us all to dress up and in March he decided we were all to be Batman Characters.  Well, this mama was not about to squeeze her post- 2 baby body into a Cat Woman costume so I started to research other super hero costumes for me and a 1 year old.  Back in June I purchased Batman & Robin online and on sale per Zachary's request.  He was very adament that his dad and him were going to be Batman & Robin the dynamic duo. 
I found a picture on Pinterest and gave it to my very talented and creative friend Rebecca along with my measurement and she whipped up my SuperWoman costume.  I won't lie I sure did love having someone in my house in a tutu. As a mom of boys we NEVER have tulle or sparkles in our home.  It was  A LOT of fun! I found a Captain America costume for a 12 month old and then just had to sit around and wait for Halloween.
I do not love the "dark" side of Halloween but I sure do love dressing up, visiting family, friends, and our neighbors, and the CANDY! I LOVE CANDY!
 On the Saturday before Halloween we decided to Trick or Treat at my In-laws house because we knew we couldn't get all the stops in on the actual Halloween night.  When Zachary rang the doorbell two cowboys answered the door.  It was hysterical.  My in-laws spent an entire morning finding the perfect mustache and getting their costumes ready.
 Family photo at MaMaw & PaPaws
 The Boys with their grandparents

 After Z looked at the digital photos he realized Batmans' ears were bending. So Kevin and his dad went into the laundry room to starch the ears and blow dry them. I about died when I walked in and saw this.  I remember saying to my father-in-law, "I bet you never thought you would be starching your son's batman ears!" LOL!

Ears are much better now! By the way where are my husbands adorable squinty eyes?

 On Halloween we went to Aunt Steph & Uncle Keran's. This is a tradition. We get there around 5. Aunt Steph has a buffet of hot dogs, soups, mac& Cheese, and dessert. 
 Robin with Uncle Keran
 Poor Will was scared to pieces of Kerans wig.  Once he took it off Will was fine.
 After dinner we went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  Zachary has never actually gone door-to-door because we are running to and from grandparents houses and stuff. But since we did that during the weekend we got to go door-to-door. Zachary's favorite stop was his Kindergarten teachers house. 
 We then went home and Batman & Robin went back out on our street.  When Zachary returned home he was on cloud 9 because everyone made comments about Batman & Robin's costumes.  He told me that people thought they were "the real Batman & Robin". And folks thats why we dressed up. It made Zach's night..a memory he will have forever.  I know one of these years he won't want to dress up and it won't be cool to be seen with your parents so while he is six I am going to treasure EVERY MINUTE!