Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Must See....Youtube video

Not sure how many of you have seen this.  I know this video is going all around but I loved it! I have thought so much about what Mary and Joseph were feeling at the FIRST Christmas - and this just makes it seem more real! ;-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grams & Pops Christmas Choir Night

Another one of our Christmas traditions is to go to Grams & Pops church for their Christmas Cantata.  It is always a beautiful night and the music really makes us realize the true meaning of the season.  This year Pops was in a trio.  Z loved seeing him with a microphone. Whenever Z hears an "old" classic Christmas artist on the radio like Bing Crosby or Burl Ives he thinks it's Pops.  He even thinks that Pops sings Feliz Navidad....which cracks me up. 

Of course I had my camera so I had to take pics.  Unfortunately our seats were not the best. We could not see Grams at all.  I have no idea why they had a 5 foot tall lady on the 2nd row behind 5 foot 5 ladies.  Beats me...but we could hear her singing. It was beautiful.
Z enjoyed holding his cousin, Jerrytt for the first part of the performance.
Sweet Jerrytt just rocked out to the music and smiled the whole time. 
Brothers.....There's not a doubt in my mind that they love eachother!

After the performance was over Z took a picture of me with Elliott & Jerrytt. 
The night was beautiful. After the concert we went for Starbucks and then a tour of Christmas Lights.  Z fell asleep during the drive but Kevin and I just kept driving and enjoying the magic of the season.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preschool Christmas Party

I had the priviledge to help out with Zachary's preschool party. Zachary has the best teachers who planned out the party but they needed help executing all the games & activities. I loved being able to see Zachary with his "friends". This year Z is in a class of 11 BOYS! The only girls in the class are the two teachers. Not sure how that happened but I was amazed at how great these little 3 & 4 year olds were together.

Icing Sugar Cookies

 Zachary was so proud of his skills
 Can you say, "SPRINKLES"? 
Keegan & Zachary eating their cookie creations. 
Zachary with his "best" school friend, Wyatt. 

After the party was over it was time to go home. Wyatt came over and asked me if Zachary could come over to his house to play. I say that sounds like a great idea and that we would have to have a play date some day. His mom  then came over and said what about today.  To be honest....I was thinking....where do you live, I don't know you very well, hmmmmmm...really? Then after about 2 minutes of seeing Zachary jumping and begging and talking with Wyatts moms (I have known her for 2 years, we live less than a mile apart, and we are FB friends) I said Okay.  We switched over carseats and Z was on his way home. I had jitterbugs in my stomach the whole way home. I called my mom and Mel to see if I did the "right" thing.  It's not that Z doesn't go over to play at kids houses but I am friends with all of the parents and I know them.  Believe me I would not have sent him with just anyone. I fully trusted Wyatts mom it was just getting over the shock that my little baby boy is going over to a friends house to play...without me.  After about 20 minutes I was over the worrying and I was at home burning a Christmas candle, listening to Christmas carols on the radio, and I was cleaning house.  It was a beautiful 3 hours. When Z came back he was so happy and thankful that I let him come over.  He had a blast.  I'm hoping we can get Wyatt next week so that I can give his mom a relaxing 3 hours.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gingerbread Train

Zachary has been eyeing a Pre-made Gingerbread train kit that he saw at "Pop's Store".  Little did he know that my sister & I already purchased two kits for our annual gingerbread decorating event.  Thankfully, this is nothing like our family pumpkin carving challenge.  All of us are terrible at decorating these premade kits.
It. Is. Hard! 
Instead of turning it into a challenge we let the boys cut lose on their designs and then the adults sit and eat all the extra candy.  It's perfect! This year Aunt "Achel" & Uncle Matt hosted the event and served us dinner.  It was Aunt & Uncle night because Matt's brother & girlfriend participated too.  Unfortunately, Aunt Amanda (Matt's sis) had to work we missed seeing her. 

Here's the candy stash....that makes me smile.
Melissa & Elliott getting started
This was after we put together the base part of the train. This is the part that I did. Kevin was not impressed at all.  He said it looked like a mess....until he started working with the white icing and then he realized it is rather thick & difficult to work with. 

Uncle Adam & Elliott working on their train
Zachary, his fake smile, and Kevin putting candy on the train.  Z had a place for everything and a name forever piece of candy.  The gummy bears were "whistles", the snocap candy's were "buttons", etc. 
Drum Roll please...here's Z creation. Unfortunately I did not get one of Elliotts :(
Just so Jerrytt doesn't feel left out...he was napping as all of the creating was taking place. I went back to check on him and he was laying in his crib laughing. I had to get him out and then Uncle Kevin stole him from me. He is such a good, happy baby. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

My parents invited us to attend Breakfast with Santa at their church on Saturday.  We were so glad that we did.  Everything was so nice &cfestive. It was a very enjoyable morning...minus one huge tantrum event (See story below)

First we had a pancake breakfast with red & green pancakes.  Actually Z only wanted green ones.
 Elliott with his red pancakes
 Cousins loving on each other...it kinda looks like are fighting but they are sharing a sweet moment.  Literally a sweet moment because Elliott is licking pancake syrup off his chin. 
 Pictures with Santa
 Elliott & Santa
 Z with Santa
 They had a "project" table..aka craft table. Zachary was in heaven. He could have sat at those tables with the glitter, glue, and scissors all day if we would have let him.  He is showing off his Santa Frame magnet that he made.
So here's the part about the HUGE tantrum.  The church had vendors present and a silent auction to benefit the church preschool. One of the vendors was a "build a toy/stuffed animal" place.  Z and I walk over "just to look".  The sales lady asks him if he wanted to make one?  Well of course, he did but I was not going to pay $20 for stuffed animal when Christmas is right around the corner.  I told the sales lady no thank you and walked away.

 Immediately Z started crying. He said, "mom that the lady said he could make one".
I then replied, "Yes, she did but she forgot to mention that you would have to pay for one." 
Here's where the story gets funny.  In the middle of this discussion Santa Claus walks into the church auditorium. 
I see Elliott walk up to Santa but I was really far away trying to calm Zachary down so I had no idea what Elliott was telling Santa. 

Next thing you know Elliott walks over to Zachary and says, "Zachary I told Santa you were being naughty and not to bring you any presents".

Well if Zachary was not already upset enough this really TICKED him off.  He started crying louder and told Elliott that he was "REALLY MAD AT HIM for telling Santa".  I had to keep from laughing out loud. I asked my dad to take Elliott away from Zachary. I then said, "Oh Zachary, Elliott didn't tell him."

When Elliott pipes up, "Oh YES I did! Zachary you shouldn't be crying over a toy!"  Again I had to keep from laughing.  We separated the boys and calmed them down.  Fortunately after about 30 minutes of more "projects" the boys forgot all about their fight, all about the sales vendors, and they were best friends again.  I will never forget it!  Because breakfast with Santa was an all morning event we ended it by going to Burger King for lunch.  See they were friends again and they wanted to sit all by themselves to eat.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Aboard!

Last week we went to the Polar Express with our friends, Betsy, Andy &  Adelyn.  This was our second year to ride the Polar Express. You might remember this post from last year.  It is such a fun, memorable event. It was even more special to spend it with great friends who had never been on the train.  Zachary LOVED being with Adelyn.  He "babied" her all night long.  Adelyn is "almost" three so she doesn't really need to be babied. However she tolerated Zachary's contsant love very well.  Here they are before we loaded the train.  How cute is this?

I love this one.
I hope they grow up being friends forever!
Daddy's and kiddos getting ready to board the train
Zachary grabbing at the "snow"
Betsy, Andy, & Adelyn
Our family picture...not sure why I can't get it larger.
Z &  Me sippin' on Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate
Miss Adelyn telling Santa in a very quiet voice that she wants a princess for Christmas.
Zachary is a little hesitant of Santa.  Not to be worried...he is hesitant of anyone that he does not see on a daily basis.  He definitely has "stranger danger".
After the train ride we went out to dinner.  Here is Z & A hugging without being prompted...I just happened to have my camera ready.  We had the best time with our friends. When we got in the car to leave Zachary said, "I miss Adelyn already". 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just me and Jerrytt

One morning my sister & nephew had eye exams so Rachel dropped Jerrytt off with me. Zachary had already planned to go to my in-laws house for the morning so I got Jerrytt ALL to myself.  I loved it. As you can see Jerrytt had a great time too! 
Jerrytt at 7 months old with two teeth and his Aunt Howie
I had to add these pictures too....here is Elliott at 7 months having a playdate with a very pregnant Aunt Howie.  You can definitely tell they are brothers!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet my new sister...Claire!

While we were on vacation my parents rescued a 4 year old English Bulldog, Claire Bear.  Immediately upon meeting her all THREE of us fell in love.  I capitalized THREE because its a huge deal for Kevin to fall in love with an animal.  Kevin has always grown up with pets, however in his adult life he just isn't a huge fan of house pets.  I honestly believe he is like this because when he was in high school he accidentally ran over his favorite dog in the world, his pet beagle "Snoopy". He says that day was one of the worst ones in his life so I think he is afraid to become attached to another animal.  Anyways, my parents new dog, Claire has won over Kevin.  Zachary thought it would be a great idea to take Claire to Pet*Smart. 

Here is Claire waiting to be taken out of my mom's van

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coming home and Professional Pics

So this is our last post on our vacation...I promise. I just wanted to make sure we get some of our pictures in our blog book. We really had a fantastic time and had a hard time coming back from the land of make believe into the world of reality. No more round the clock meals, no more warm weather, no more vacation time, and no more kids club. With that said, there is NO place like home.  We were thrilled to return to our bed, our bathrooms that are larger than a mouse hole, and our family. 

They took this pic as we were stepping on board.  As you can see I am in a turtleneck and long sleeves.  Good bye Midwest cold weather....hello summer weather!
 Our first encounter with Mickey & Minnie!
 Goofey is our favorite...Z would not get in picture. 
 I had to get a pic with at least one of the princesses.  Z & Kevin would just walk on by like they didn't even see them.  I guess that's what happens when you are the only girl in the family!
 This one of Kev cracks me up....he had no idea what to do with the characters. HA!
 The entire flight home.....still wearing his ears. 
 And of course I am still wearing mine too.
 Kevin said no way!
 My mom, Rachel, Elliott, & Jerrytt greeted us at the airport. Kevin was a good sport and put the ears on for one last photo.