Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The verdict is cousin, Jennifer and her husband, Jack are expecting a little baby BOY! This is so exciting. Of course the best news is that the baby is healthy and Jen is doing well. However the fact that this baby is a BOY is even more exciting. You see my Pappy (my mom and Uncle Wayne's dad) had 5 GRANDAUGHTERS. Pappy wanted a little grandson so bad. But he got 5 beautiful grandaughers instead...Adrienne, Rachel, Jennifer, me, and Megan. Now that the grandaughters are having babies I think it is a little funny that Rachel had a boy, I had a boy, and now Jen is having a boy. That's THREE great-grandsons. I know that my Pappy is having a party in heaven today. To be honest, I think that Pappy is up there with Jesus stacking the deck with boys. I also find it ironic that Jen is due on Dec 27th which is Kevins b-day. However I really think the little guy is going to arrive on Dec 20th which is my Pappy's birthday. We'll have to see on that one. But I know that our Pappy is Happy today. Congrats to Jen, Jack, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Ann, Auntie Adrienne & Uncle Doug, and Auntie Megan. We are EXCITED!

**Jen is on the left, her sis and my cousin Adrienne is on right...this is from Kevin and my wedding. Unfortunately I don't have any recent digital photos of Jen and Jack. I need to learn to use the scanner. :)

A sweet gift and surprise!

Not sure if Kevin wants this on the blog or not but I thought this was too sweet to ignore. Today Kevin got a package in our mail box. It was from one of his bestest friends, John. I made him pose by it before he opened it. Kevin hated me for this...but what can I say...I am a blogger.

John sent Kevin the nicest thank you note and a framed photo of Kevin holding his fish from the big trip. THANK YOU JOHN AND MISTY for this thoughtful gift. Kevin was surprised and grateful. I tell you what, Kevin and I are super blessed by our friends.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday School Party!

On Saturday night, Kevin and I hosted our Sunday School class party. If you know me well, you know that I LOVE to have friends over, I love to plan and host parties, and I love food. This was perfect...friends, party, and friends. Here are our photos from the night. We ended up having 28 friends which included 10 kiddos. Zachary was in heaven with all the kids. We set up our backyard for swimming if the weather permitted. Thanks Chrissy for the extra pool!Unfortunately, it poured rain all day so I thought there was no chance of swimming. Little did I know that after dinner the sun would come out and provide perfect weather. The kids were thrilled and it did not matter if they had a suit or not. A fun time was had by all. After our friends left that evening, Zachary asked if they were coming back tomorrow. He loved it too.

Waiting for the party guest to arrive...everything is ready!

Appetizers are ready!

Chrissy, Kaylee, and Julie
Our wonderful Sunday School teacher, Jeremy
Our class

Check out all that yummy food!

The kiddos getting ready to eat
The tiny tots swimming
Our Administrative pastor about to get tossed in the pool by Chris
A group photo outside
Drew carrying around some extra weight.

Drew showing off his full diaper that weighs more than he does :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Yesterday Zachary and I met some friends from church and my mom at Barnes and Noble for story hour. This was not a regular story hour it was one of the story hours where the character from the book shows up. Zachary was uber excited to meet Clifford!

Welcome Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Caleb and Z listening to the story

Chrissy, Caleb, and Kaylee with can see Kaylees beautiful curls she got a little nervous too when up close with Clifford.

Zachary and me with Clifford...Z always acts super pumped about the characters (Peter Pan, Veggie Tales, Easter bunny, etc) until we get close...then he turns into a "shy" person.

We had a wonderful morning with Chrissy, Caleb, Kaylee, and my mom. Now I need to find the B&N story hour schedule for the rest of the summer to see whoelse we can meet.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Water Logged at Silver Dollar City

Knowing that Zachary was going to be out of commission for a few days after the ear tube surgery I decided I wanted for him to have a "special" day. When I was a kid, my mom would take me or my sister on a "special" day. On this day the child would have the entire day to themselves with thier mom. The child picked what to do, where to eat, and often times got a special toy. When Rachel and I were kids the toy was often selected for the other one who was at home. Mind you the child that stayed at home usually went to Ruey's and that person had a special day as well. So it was a win win for both children. Anyways, back to Monday. Zachary has been talking about the train at Silver Dollar City so I thought it would be perfect to head there. We invited Grammy to come with us being that she is on summer break and we want to maximize our time with Grams before school starts.

So we went to SDC. Z was thrilled. We rode the train, Lost River of the Ozarks, saw Veggie Tales, and ate at the Pizza Buffet. We were headed to the little kids rides when it started to sprinkle. Mom and I thought the storm would pass so we stuck around. Z rode the ladybugs and then BOOM! The storm hit hard. The rides were shut down. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE started heading out of the park. For those of you who have been to SDC know that there are only so many trams and buses to take you back to your cars. So we waited and waited in the pouring rain for a shuttle. Once we got on a tram we were in the fron seat of it. Not too big of a deal except when the driver started driving the HEAVY RAIN pelted us in the face. WE were soaked. Zach thought it was a big adventure. Mom was cracking up and I was freezing. It was a memory that I will remember forever. It was hilarious. Needless to say we drove home with the heat on. Z had a change of clothes and blanket so he was happy. It was a fun, wet special day.

SOAKED...Zoom in and see the water dripping off my arms and face

Again zoom in for a good laugh. My mom has water dripping from her face and glasses. There was not a dry spot on her.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our 6th Anniversary!

This past weekend Kevin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Gosh in some ways it seemed like it was just yesterday and then in other ways it seems like a lot longer. I mean this in a good way. We have had the best times! To celebrate we took a mini-overnight vacation to Kansas City. My parents kept Z which was the best anniversary present ever. Our goal for our trip was to pack as many favorite things into this trip. So I made reservations at the Melting Pot and Lidia's Italian Kitchen. We also went back to UMKC School of Dentistry, the campus bookstore, and the Country Club Plaza. Upon arriving at the hotel our room was not ready and they gave our "plaza-view" room to someone else. Not really a big deal being that I used to live on the plaza. However they felt bad so they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 patio suite. It was an added bonus. Another bonus was that we got to meet one of my best friends, Julie and her fiance Jeff at the plaza after dinner. We had a great night catching up and eating dessert at the Cheese Cake Factory. Basically we just saw old sights and ate. It was a fun, relaxing weekend. Meanwhile Z was with my parents having the time of his life. In fact when we got home, my parents dropped him off and he cried that he did not want to stay at home.

Kevin at the Melting Pot

Me having fun with the fondue

Couple shot!

Room Service at the Intercontiental...can you say yummy!
Out on one of our patios
Kevin on the patio

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Updated version of Fixin' Z's Ears

Today is the big day of Zachary's ear tube insertion surgery. I know for some parents they would be worried sick about this but Kevin and I are excited. Not that we want our child to go under anesthesia but we are anticipating a well two year old. Since December 17 we have had 7 ear infections...yep that is right we have had one a month, except for the month of April. You can read about it here. It seems that it was a continual cycle. Every three weeks a new infection would occur. Our ENT thinks it is 100% Zachary's ear anatomy and that it would probably be another year or two before it would correct itself. So here we are. Because Z has seen the pediatrician and ENT so much (for every infection and then 10 day post antibiotic re-check) he LOVES going to the doctor. The word LOVES in that sentence is an understatement. He knows Dr. Gravitt's name, where his office is, and what floor the office is located. He also knows where Dr. Fenwick's office is and what prizes he will get when he is done. Because he loves his doctors so much we have not made a big deal out of this outpatient surgery. We have informed Zachary that he is getting his ears fixed and that we are going to see Dr. Fenwick. He is pumped. Of course, Kevin and I are praying for a quick and safe surgery and recovery but we feel this is the best option for Zachary.

****Sorry about not updating sooner. But we have been busy! Today could not have been more perfect. Z was in a great mood upon arriving to Same Day Surgery. We registered and then Z got his ID bracelet. He FLIPPED out! My mom and I looked at each other like "OH NO, THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN". However after this melt down he was EXCELLENT.

Z with the nurse getting his vitals taken. See he is excited!

Putting on the circus hospital gown

Zachary in the wagon with Buzz and Woody. (photo from iphone sorry its so small)

They let one parent take the child back while they use mask anesthesia to sedate him. We both decided it was best if Kevin went back. I did not know if I wanted to watch. Once Z was asleep, Kevin returned to the room and within 10 minutes Dr. Fenwick was telling us how well Z did. Dr. Fenwick told us that Z definately needed the surgery because he had fluid and inflammation behind both eardrums. He said that Z was working on another ear infection. Geez! Hopefully these tubes do the trick!
Kevin getting suited up to take Zachary back for surgery

Kevin taking Zachary back...he wanted to be carried. Also notice the gown is off. He said it itched. I agree it was made of a "burlap-type" fabric. The doctors thought it was funny he wanted to go in his underoos.

Coming back from recovery. He was super funny!

After recovery, Kevin headed back to the office. My mom took Z and I to Walgreens and then home. She was so sweet to stay with us all day to make sure he was doing well. Funny story...when we got home. Z insisted on walking himself in. So we put him down in the driveway to walk. He walked 2 steps with his Sonic Slush and sat down. He said, "Okay mom thats enough". Meaning he was not going anywhere else and he did not want to walk. He was walking like a drunken sailor. After about two hours Z was able to eat, play, and carry-on like a normal 2.5 year old. Kevin came home from lunch and brought a wonderful surprise. It was a surprise present from the wonderful girls at Austin Orthodontics. Z named him Fenwick after his ENT. Isn't this sweet!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guys Fishing Weekend

For approximately 17 months Kevin has had a fishing trip to Sheboygin, WI planned. It all started when one of his sales reps suggested a 3 day trip to visit the American Orthodontic plant. At first it did not sound very exciting but as e-mails and packets started filling Kevin's inbox and mailbox he realized this trip was so much more than a plant tour. Last Thursday Kevin left with my dad, my father-in-law (Marv), my brother-in-law (Matt), and Matt's dad (Gene) to drive to Wisconsin. Once it Wisconsin, the group met up with some of Kevin's high school buds, John, Dave, Ryan, and Adam who drove separately. Upon viewing their accomodations they realized that American Orthodontics provided the WORKS...I mean everything. 2 cabins, stocked refridgerators, boats, fishing equipment, coolers for the boats, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It was definitely a guys weekend. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Dad, Gene, and Kevin on the road trip to Wisconsin
The guys enjoying the cool Wisconsin evening with a campfire

Group Photo: Marvin, Kevin, Adam, Matt, Dave, John, Ryan, and Dad

Meeting the owner of American Orthodontics...he came out to meet Kevin and the gang

The entire group getting ready to fish

Marvin with the BIG catch....18lb Salmon
Dad holding Marvins King Salmon

Uncle Matt fishing

Welcome Home Sign compliments of Zachary

(FYI for readers...I would have included everyones name on the sign but they were dropped of at their houses prior to arriving at ours)

From what I could tell from Kevin, my dad, Marv, Matt, and the rest of the guys this trip was AWESOME! Everyone was so impressed with everything except the amount of fish that was caught...but whose to blame. I am so glad Kevin got this opportunity to spend with his family and friends.