Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating in Lockwood

On Halloween morning Rachel, Elliott, Zachary, and I made a little road trip to Lockwood to trick or treat. The entire way down the road the boys were saying "Rue Rues house" and "see Mike?". Once we got into town we changed the boys into their costumes and headed to Prairie Mountain. The boys LOVED their tour of the screen printing business and they loved all the attention and candy they were given by everyone. Talk about SPOILED! Aunt Renee & Uncle Mike gave the boys tons of candy, cookies, and even a t-shirt. Zachary was more interested in the big machines, dryers, and the paint. In fact he is still talking about Mikes work. After Prairie Mountain we found Ruey at the hairdressers. She stopped her shampooing to give the boys some lovin. Then Freddy, LaNee, Kadence & Maddie arrived. We had a wonderful morning trick or treating in Lockwood. On the way out of town we stopped by Rue Rue & Freddy's house to pick up a treat. They loved their stuffed animals and toys.

Aunt Renee & Diane giving the boys lots of candy
Elliott was funny. Renee would put stuff in Elliotts pumpkin and he would take it out an give it back to her. He thought he had to share or trade it to get more.

Seeing Uncle Mike at his work
Zachary with Aunt Renee getting ready for the BIG tour
Elliott & Zachary getting spoiled rotten
Checking out the HOT t-shirt dryer. The boys were amazed!Trick Or Treating in the t-shirt factory
Eating their goodies in the window at Prairie Mountain
Ruey in the beauty shop with the trick or treaters
Ruey & Freddy with the GREAT grandkids

Our Pumpkin Carving Championship

My family started a wonderful tradition three years ago. For the past 3 years we go to my parents house for a Pumpkin Carving Championship. Each family gets to enter a pumpkin or pumpkins for the title of Pumpkin Carving Champion. No one shares what they are going to is a big secret and surprise. The first year there was not a winner because we were all beginners. Last year Pops won with his award winning Veggie Pumpkin. This year we all got super creative for the title. In fact we all started researching and designing the pumpkins weeks in advance. So without further ado here are the pumpkin carving pictures. See if you can pick the winner.

Getting down to business....Pops Starting the Carve
Rachel and Matt were very ambitious with 3 pumpkins
Kevin with a little help from Z getting started

Dad moved over to the counter to be secretive and to have more room. Our beautiful pumpkin seed makers Aunt Kelli and Jacinda

Kevin and Hil working on our "surprise" pumpkinPops & Grammy's pumpkin: I love you to the Moon & Back.
* This is sweet. Mom & Dad started saying this to Jason & Jacinda when they were babies. Now they say it to the boys when ever we leave their house. Dad thought it would make a perfect pumpkin.

Rachel & Matt's pumpkins: McCain* Palin trio about hard work!

John McCain: Political McCain Palin Slogan & Sarah PalinRatatouille by Kevin and Hi
And the winner is....

And the winner of the Third Annual Peacock Pumpkin Carve is Ratatouille ....Kevin & Hilary. We won! We are so excited. The best part was we all had a fun time together and a great evening of memories. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pumpkin Patch Fun

Upon our return from Iowa City we got settled at home and then met our family at the Pumpkin Patch. Here are our photos from the patch. We all had a great time with one another and we selected our Pumpkin for the "Third Annual Peacock Pumpkin Carve Championship". Get ready to see those photos later this week. Enjoy!

We are headed to the pumpkins!

Elliott GQ'ing it in the pumpkin patchZachary pulling the pumpkins

MaMa & Papaw with Zachary
Zachary's test to see if it was a good pumpkin was whether it was a good seat or not.
Elliott posing with the BIG pumpkins
Rachel, Matt, and Elliott
Grammy & Pops working super hard to get a photo with the boys. This was the best one.
Group Photo: Marv, Karen, Kevin, Hil, Zachary, Rachel, Elliott, Matt, Grams, & Pops

Waiting for the Hayride to begin

Hilary, Zachary, & Kevin

Rachel, Matt, and ElliottThe Grandparents in the photo thingy...Papaw Marv, Mamaw Karen, Grammy, and Poppy

Zachary was so sad we were leaving. He had a blast!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A trip down memory lane.....

****FYI I have posted 2 blogs in one day...I am trying to catch up. Make sure you see both of them.

This weekend Kevin and I traveled to Iowa City, Iowa. Kevin had two days of continuing education classes while I just tagged along. Our parents were super sweet to keep Zachary while we were gone. Z spent two days with MaMaw & Papaw and then two days with Poppy & Grammy. Plus a morning field trip with Aunt Rachel & Elliott to feed the ducks at the park. Kevin and I have not been back to Iowa since we moved four years ago. Immediately upon our arrival to Iowa City Kevin and I started reminiscing about our first year as a married couple. I know this is probably going to be a boring blog for my readers but I really wanted these photos and memories in my blog book.
Since we lived in Iowa City, there was a MAJOR flood this summer that took out a lot of our favorite spots, restaurants, and stores that we frequented. It was sad seeing the damage. On Thursday night Kevin and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at Red Lobster....I know we have that here but we wanted something close to the movie theater because we were going to see a movie. Something we never do anymore. What frustrated me the most was that the night we could go see a movie there was nothing on that we wanted to see. Oh wait we wanted to see "FIREPROOF" a Christian movie but it only was showing at 6pm. We did not arrive in Iowa until 6:30. Bummer! We ended up seeing a terrible movie...Nick & Norah. Don't waste your time. On Friday I was really excited to get out an walk the "ped"estrian mall to see all the boutiques and local venues however in true Iowa fashion it was freezing cold with snow flurries and rain. I quickly realized why I disliked living in Iowa...the COLD weather! So I went to the gym in the hotel to workout, drove around our old sites, and scrapbooked in our hotel room. Friday night Kevin and I joined our old friends from Kev's resident class, Neil, Terry, and Terry's boyfriend Ben. We ate at one of our favorite spots the Atlas. We had the best time with our friends. It was like no time had come between us.

On Saturday, Kevin was back to class while I drove around and snapped shots of our "favorite Iowa spots". When Kevin and I lived in Iowa we did the same things all the time. You have to remember the closest family we had was 8 hours away so it was just Kevin & I plus the other resident families. When we visited our old 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment it was like de ja vou.

This was our apartment building. Like Kevin told the landlord when he wanted to charge us a cleaning fee when we moved...You can't polish a turd.

This is where I spent $20 a week on laundry. Oh how I miss carrying all my laundry down the hall several times each week...NOT!
Our first home. If you could only smell what it smells like. There are several foreign exchange students that live in this building that made fish for breakfast. The smell was still there when we stopped in this visit.

University of Iowa Dental School...this circle drive is where I spent a lot of my time waiting for Kevin.

Kennick Stadium...Go Hawkeyes!

Hy-Vee this was our grocery store and bank.
We were too poor for Kevin to purchase a guitar so for a study break he would walk down to West Music and play their guitars. I must add that at the beginning of his second year he took some student loan money to buy one. This is where our first son "Les Paul" was adopted from.

My first place of professional employmentThis is the Subway that I picked up carryout EVERY Saturday at noon. I would get our usually sandwiches and meet Kevin in the basement lab for lunch. What a date huh? It is no longer open because of the Iowa City Flood.

This was our favorite Chinese Restaraunt. We ate there every Sunday after church. Again it is a gutted, vacant building because of the flood.
You ask what is this? This is the vacant parking lot to Kevin's favorite place in Iowa City. It was a little shack that was called the Dairy Bar. I think it got bulled over because Kevin was their only customer. His favorite was a Sugar Cookie Wizard Whip with extra Sugar cookie dough. I thought Kevin was going to cry when we pulled up to the corner and it was not there. BOO HOO!

Click on this picture and read the sign.. The Flood took out Hardees, Taco Bell, and Movie Gallery too. Kevin made me put this ugly thing on. Being silly shopping for Hawkeye Gear!