Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Years Eve... 2011

Kevin and I are silly about New Years Eve.  We really do not like to leave our house on NYE because of all the drivers. So we usually stay home. When my in-laws offered to keep Zachary overnight we decided to change it up a little bit.  This year we met up with Mel & Wasson for a very early dinner at new local venue....FLO.  It was so swank and neat.  They serve small plates and large plates which was perfect because Kevin and I got a couple small plates to share.  After a fun dinner we drove back to our house for a game night.  The Wasson's were going to spend the night decided to change there mind when we were all exhausted at 10 pm.  HA!  Man, we couldn't even make it until midnight. 

 One big surprise was the Melody found out she was pregnant on the day before NYE. When she was at my house I made her take a PG test so that I could see it. Sure came back positive ASAP.  How exciting!  Because she was pregnant she was so tired and that is why the party ended early. I was glad because I was tired too.  I just can stay up until 12:00, anymore!
 This was a photo we took from my kitchen cabinet. Ignore the fact that one of my eyes is smaller. I got pink eye the day before and was not able to wear my eye make up. 
I wish I took pictures of the guys kicking our bums at Pictionary. The guys didn't want to play games and they were upset that they were paired together because they were going to lose. However they whopped us.  We lost every single game.  It was a fun, memorable night!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Karate!!! KaCHOW!

In mid Novemeber Zachary and Elliott started talking about Karate. The begged their mom's to enroll them in classes.  Grams came up with the perfect idea to give them "martial arts" classes for Christmas.  Grams & Aunt Rachel researched all the local karate classes and found the best one. Mr. C's Martial Arts.  Mr. C is all about building self esteem, teaching focus, motivation, good sportsmanship, discipline, and a positive attitude. Yes the classes teach martial arts skills but they do not encourage punching or fighting.  This is a huge plus from this concerned mom! 

Z and E could hardly wait for their first class.  On Monday Dec. 27th they got their uniform on and went to class.  It was hilarious!  The boys did so good!

Before class started, Mr. C sat the kids down to discuss character traits. 
 Here is E & Z sitting like statues.
 Our little Karate Kids
 Zachary learning to punch...Yes, I can!
Playing a team building game
 Elliott in full motion...Yes I can!
Mr. C has the kids fill out a chore sheet to earn stars for their uniform.  It's amazing. Z makes his bed, my bed, picks up his toys, puts his clothes away, and several other chores around the house.  Thank you Mr. C!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kevin's 33!

This year Kevin's favorite present was a day off!  Usually his birthday, Dec 27th is one of the busiest days of the year at his office.  However this year in June I blocked the day off.  Since Christmas landed on a weekend he would not get a lot of time off at Christmas so I made the executive decisison to have that Monday off.  Kevin & his girls at the office loved me for it!  On his actual birthday we went to Zachary's 1st Maritial Arts class....that's another post in itself.  Then my mom took Z home with her for an overnight.  Kevin and I went out for sushi at one of our favorite sushi places and then we went to a an actual theatre.  

Kevin at Kai opening his present from me 
 Our spread of flaming sushi...yum it was good!
 The brought us a cheesecake to share in honor of Kev's birthday!  After dessert we walked over to the movie theatre to watch a movie....The Little Folkers. It was a great night!
 On January 1st, Kevin's parents hosted a birthday dinner for Kevin.  Rachel, Matt, Elliott, and Jerrytt couldn't make it because of my sisters work. They sure missed a yummy dinner and homemade rolls!
 Zachary knew exactly what he wanted to get his daddy for his birthday....A remote control helicopter from a mall kiosk.  We got it four days before Kev's party which was very hard for Z not to open it or tell Kevin about what he got him.  Here is Zachary opening Kevin's gift.
 The Helicopter has been a HUGE hit. Kev & Z play with it daily.
 Kev's favorite...Cookie Dough Concrete ice cream cake

 I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. He is my best friend!  Thank you for all you do for our little family.  You make Zachary and I so happy.  Happy 33rd Birthday! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Afternoon

On Christmas Day we went to my parents to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures.  I think there was so many things going on with gifts, cute kids, a cute bulldog, food, and such that I got overwhelmed and put my camera down.  So these are the only pics I took.

Elliott with his "favoritist" gift of all....A Palamaulo jersey from Aunt Ann & Uncle Wayne in PA. He loved it!
 Claire Bear got a little festive too.
Pops got some FLASH underoos in his stocking!
After gifts and dinner this is what I found in the living room....And to all a Good Night!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Morning

You never know what your child is going to do Christmas morning. This year Kevin & I woke up before Z. I went in started coffee, turned on the lights etc. Then I went in to talk to Kevin while he was in ths shower.  Next thing you know Zachary comes walking in with his "Stinky" gift from Santa. We totally missed the excitement and the moment.  I had to rush Kevin out of the shower so that we could go back into the living room. I still could not believe we missed Zachary seeing his presents. 

But we did get some cute ones of Z very excited!

 Christmas Morning 2010

 Here's Kevin opening his Iowa coffee mug from Z. During all the fall open houses at the cute boutiques in town Zachary found this and insisted that Kevin needed it.  My mom and I tried several times to have him put it back but he said that was what he was going to get his daddy for Christmas. So we bought it.  Z never said a thing about this cup.  I thought for sure he would spill the beans. Then about 3 weeks later, we were watching Monday night football. Zach said, "Dad you could sure use your football cup I got you for Christmas tonight."  I about died! It was hilarious. Luckily Kevin forgot all about this until he opened the Iowa cup. 
 Zachary helped Kevin wrap my gift.  I guess he insisted that he wraps up his guitar and give it to me.  Seriously, this is what I opened. Z was so proud.
After our little family Christmas we got cleaned up, ate breakfast and then relaxed.  Later that afternoon we went to my parents house for the family Christmas. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Eve

Our tradition for Christmas Eve is to go to Ruey & Freddy's.  We have done this forever. We attend their Christmas Eve service at their church (AKA the small church I grew up in) and then we go back to their house for Santa, gifts, and lots of food. It is always a joy to spend the evening with the whole crew.  This year we changed it up a bit.  Or should I say Santa switched up a bit.  Not to say too much because one day little eyes will read this blog book but look closely at's not the regular santa. 

Elliott checking out Santa and telling him he wanted an RC Car from Toy Story

Zachary & Santa...Zachary wanted a "STINKY" the garbage truck
Sweet Baby J
"Aunt" Steph, Abbey, "SANTA" and "Uncle" Keran
Ruey & Freddy with Santa
Zachary & Elliott each got a set of Walkie Talkies from Rue Rue & Freddy.  It was the HOT gift of the year. The boys were running around the house saying, "Agent, hear me?"
Boys in their pj's before driving to our houses for bed
Two very happy boys!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

MaMaw's Birthday

We celebrated MaMaw's (Kevin's mom & my MIL) birthday on Sunday Dec 19th. We have an annual tradition that we all meet at our house to eat soup, my moms famous quiche, salad, and cake before we head to a local theme park to see thousands and thousands of Christmas lights.  The only downer for the day was that my dad  and sister had to work. :(

MaMaw and her boys (only one missing was Uncle Jeff)
MaMaw getting ready to blow out the candles
Getting ready to head out...
Riding in the tram on the way to the park....two very excited boys
Aunt Howie and Elliott....I have to say I love this pic!
Singing Christmas Carols and riding the train
Kev & Hil
Little Jerrytt all bundled up
One happy little baby with his Grams
Waiting for the light parade
I didn't get a good picture but when the Santa float came by Santa pointed directly to Elliott. He yelled, "I LOVE YOU and will see you soon!"  Elliott was beaming and couldn't believe he was talking to him. It was priceless!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching up...again. Christmas Recap in 7 days

Zachary's preschool has an annual Christmas Program.  He was super excited this year because his class was doing TWO songs.  He practiced and practiced those two songs.  Then the big day came...his program.  He was super excited because Kevin was taking off work to see it and both sets of his grandparents were coming to watch him.  He thought that was cool!
All I want for Christmas is a HIPPOPOTAMUS.
Zachary singing Silent Night with Sign Language...thank you Lori for sharing these pics!
Zachary's class with the Tues/Thurs Class

Post-program lunch at Qdoba
Zachary with his grams, pops, MaMaw & PaPaw