Tuesday, November 16, 2010

417 Saving 2nd Base 5K

A couple weeks ago Zachary, my mom, and I participated in our second annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  This year we were on our "Aunt" Steph's team called 417 Saving 2nd Base.  My "Aunt" Renee brought us all hoodie sweatshirts and stocking caps.  It was such a beautiful morning walking with our family & friends.  I was so proud of my Ruey because she walked too. My Freddy parked his car at the 1/2 way point and took a nap.

Meeting up at the race. Z was entertaining everyone.

My cousin, Leslie & Harley Dog participated again this year.  My "Aunt" Steph made a light-up tutu for Harley.  Let's just say she was the talk of the town.  EVERYONE stopped to see her and take her picture.  I think my cousin could have charged $1 per picture and would have made $1000 to donate to Breast Cancer Research. Just might have to do this next year.
"Aunt" Kelli, Jacinda, & Jacinda's friend sportin' our pink

Zachary put his "Pig Pig" on Harley's back.  Sweet ole Harley didn't even care.
"Aunt" Renee, Leslie & Harley Dog
Ruey, "Aunt" Steph (our cancer survivor & team captain), Zachary, and Freddy in the red car
Harley & Leslie were super fast so they would take breaks and wait for us.  As we were approaching them we would notice a long line of walkers taking pics of H and wanting to pet her.
Zachary wanted to wear my pink scarf during half of the walk.  He also got super hungry riding in his stroller so he needed more power during the ride.  HA!
After the 5K our team met back up at "Aunt" Steph & Keran's for a team brunch. The food was so yummy!  It was great to celebrate Aunt Stephs 2nd year as a breast cancer survivor.

This is such a great day to celebrate survivors and raise money for cancer research.  Our family is praying that there will one day be a CURE for breast cancer!

Monday, November 15, 2010

On a Big Green Tractor

Our family used to live in a small farming community.  We remain and will always be friends with several families in the town.  Our dear friends, Linse, Lesha, Lee, Linda, & Landon invited us down to the farm for the fall harvest and planting of wheat.  Elliott and Zachary were so excited. 
 Mr. Lee was in the combine.  He was so sweet with the boys. He hopped out of the combine, lifted them in and took them on a ride. 
 Here is Lee, Zachary, & Elliott dumping the seeds. 
 Mr. Lee said that Elliott wanted to touch everything whereas Zachary wanted to talk about everything.  Zachary did not want to get out!
 After a long time of farming the boys got out of the combine for a snack.  Our sweet friend, Linse's little boy Wyatt returned from another tractor to see E & Z. 
 After the combine we went to see Mr. Dan on the tractor. He was planting wheat in this auto pilot tractor. It was awesome. Meanwhile Jerrytt got hungry so I got to feed him on the field. 

After the ride Z hopped in the tire.  These tractors were HUGE!
 We took  Thank You cookie cake to the Eggerman's for including our boys in the fall harvest.  It was so wonderful to see this wonderful family.  My only regret was that I did not get a group pic of all of us girls with our kiddos.  Linse, Lesha, Rachel & I grew up together and share a lot of memories. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pappy's Dream Team Jersey's

So our family is STILL celebrating the new baby boy that will be arriving in March. Baby D is loved so much and he hasn't even arrived yet. Man, it was so exciting last week when we found out Annie & Doug are going to have a boy...the fifth great-grandson for my Pappy & Grandma Rachel. Geez, I wish they were still alive to see all of us grown up and to love on these boys. My sweet cousin, Megan, has already had "Pappy's Dream Team" jersey's made. Check them out at her blog...HERE. Scroll down her post to read & see these adorable jerseys for each of the boys. Megan these are great.

I just had to share. I can't wait until I can share a picture of all FIVE boys together in one picture. It will be history in the making.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flu Shot Fun!

Kevin and I knew that Zachary was going to need a few immunizations at his fourth birthday check-up so we tried to prepare him the best way possible. Let me just say that I know every child is different. For Zachary he wants to know all the details in advance. He does not want to be suprised or caught off guard. With that being said, we read books about "shots", watched Sid the Science Kid about immunizations, and talked about being brave, etc. The day of Zachary well-child check-up it was also Kevin's annual doctors appointment. I couldn't have planned that better if I tried. Basically Kevin & Z were talking about how tough they are and how excited they were to get a bag of gummy sharks* after their appointments from the pharmacy. (*Tradition we started when Z was at the doctor every month for ear infections. Not sure if it is the best thing or not but Zachary loves to take his dollar up to the counter and get his bag of candy after an appointment.)Before Zachary's appointment we had about an hour to waste. I asked Z what he wanted to do and he said, "Mom maybe you need to get shots today too since Daddy & I are getting them." He was right, I did need my flu shot and I knew just where to go. I called my dad at Walgreens and sure enough he could do it then.

Zachary thought it was hilarious that Pops was going to give me a shot.  While my dad was getting all the paperwork ready Z said, "Hey mom we need to take pictures for the blog".  Yep, my son knows that I always have my camera ready. So while I got my shot Zachary took pictures.  Kinda funny, if you ask me.

After my shots we went to Z's pediatrician. Ended up that he needed 4 immunizations (flu, chicken pox, tetnus, and pneumonia (just because we are high risk with my lungs) ).  If he had four this year then he would just have 3 next year to get him ready for kindergarten (flu, rubella, measles).  The poor little guy was pathetic.  So pathetic that his pediatrician asked if he could carry Z to the car.  Yes, he did. I informed our Dr. that he had a waiting room full of other patients and did not have time to carry Z to the car.  Our pediatician and Z are tight since we visited him every month at least once for an entire year with Zachary's ears.  They are buddies!  Well, Z survived his immunizations, Kevin survived his flu shot, and so did I. It was a family affair. End result we all got bags of gummy sharks at the hospital pharmacy. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, it's official!  Adrienne & Doug are having a BOY!  That makes 5 grandaughters and 5 great-grandsons for my Pappy & Grandma Rachel!  We are all elated...now all we need are basketball jerseys.  So far we have Elliott, Zachary, Duke, Jerrytt, and Baby Boy Donaldson. 

It's funny because my sister and I have ALWAYS felt close to our cousins Adrienne, Jennifer, & Megan. Even though we are states away we always can pick back up right where we left off when we get together.  Now that 4 of the 5 of us have BOYS we will have that much more in common.  My heart is overflowing with joy for this new little boy.  Now if we could just all be in the same place at the same time for a group picture......we'll have to work on that.