Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 boys, 1 shirt, 5 year difference!

One thing I love about having two baby's in the month of September is that I can use a lot of the same clothes that I used with Zachary for Will. I also love that it is very easy to "compare" the two of them.  I know it is not good to always compare your children to each other because they are two very separate and different individuals but I like to compare their size and milestones at a certain level just because its neat to see how similar they really are.  However I don't dwell or live in comparing my boys. 
Here is Zachary at 11.5 months in September 2006
I love this sequence of him pulling himself up on our coffee table.

5 years is Will doing the same thing, in the same outfit, around the same time. September 2012

You can definitely tell these two brothers do not look alike but they are related :) 

I just took Will to his 1 year old well child check up. The stats were almost the exact same.
Both boys weighed the same. Zachary was 1/2 inch longer whereas Will's head was 1/2 inch bigger. 

Too funny!  So thankful that God blessed me with these two very sweet boys!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Go Hillsboro Hawks!

This fall we had a once-and-a-lifetime thing occur in our city. Kevin's high school alma mater's football team came to our current city to play one of the area high school teams. You might not think this is a big deal but to Kevin and his football friends this was HUGE.  We have been blessed so much by Kevin's Highschool friends.  Six of Kevin's closest friends that were in his graduating class (or the class or two ahead of him) remain "besties".  The coolest part of these 6 amazing guys is they are married to amazing ladies whom I love and adore.  We all get a long and have so much in common. We try to get together will our Hillsboro friends at least twice a year however since we have had children we see each other a lot more.  Never thought that would happen!  So in September the Hawks came to town and so did Erick, Mary, Sara, & Coach Bill and their children to spend the night! 
Of course I had to decorate in blue & white and have some type of football decor everywhere.   

Hillsboro Hawks Cupcakes
Prior to the game the kiddos played forever in Z's costumes:
Group Photo while we are waiting for the rain to stop so we can go to the game
Hil, Kev, Will, Erick, Mary, Noah, Grant, Sara (and Baby Emma inutero)
Chase, Carter, Riley, and Zachary

 Riley's big thing after every photo was to say SILLY FACE...heres our silly faces.
 At the game. Kevin had a perma-grin on his face all night!
 Halftime! Kevin and Z on the sidelines! Can you tell Kevin is in Hawk Heaven!
 Silly Face!  It was awesome how great the kids got along. Zachary was sad when everyone left on Saturday afternoon.
 Erick #85 and Kevin #72
Bill is the offensive line coach for the Hawks.  When they played football Bill was the quarterback.
 Coach Bill #12, Erick (and Grant sleeping), and Kevin post win!
 Chase and Zachary LOVED running the field after the game. Chase was teaching Zachary all kinds of plays.


It was a FUN, FUN, weekend filled with lots of memories, laughter, and food!