Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Night OUT!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing Christian girlfriends...the wives from our small group Sunday School class.  We try to have a girls night out every once and a while so that we can get to know each other better and have a relaxing night!  When I tell some of my friends that I am going out with my Sunday School class wives they give me this look like "are you kidding me" or "how boring".  Well let me assure you that all of us ladies love to have fun, love to talk, love to be sarcastic, and are just as normal as the next person.  I hate that there is some boring stereotype on Sunday School Classes.   Anyways,  we had a great time!  At this girls night we also had a "surprise baby shower" for one of our girlfriends". She had no idea. It was fun suprising her before her 2nd baby arrives. 

Here's a group shot...minus Allison & me.
Yellow Table: Annie, Allison, Carla (expectant mom), & Julie
Green Table:  Chrissy, Betsy, & Danielle
Pink Table: Lori, Hilary, & Sharon
I was so thrilled that my friend Lori came with us. She needed a girls night out and she is friends with all of us from MOPS!  Lori...I'll let you know when the next GNO is and you can join us again. Thanks for coming!
Baby Shower Table & Cute Cake by Allison
After dinner & cake having girl talk in the recliners.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Zachary's "girl" and partner in crime...CHARLEY!

Charley & Zachary have been best pals since Zachary was born. They never really had a choice.  Charley is 3 months and one day older than Zachary.  They have always played very well together and enjoyed each others company.  Charley's fourth birthday is TODAY! Happy Birthday Charley!  We celebrated Charley's birthday a week ago at a local bounce house and it was a blast! 

I love this picture of Z & Charley. Zachary has recently acted like a total boy. He loves being around Charley but he plays a little hard to get.  Meanwhile Charley loves to chase Zachary. 

So when I was looking through some of my pictures...I found this one and had to share.  It's funny because even though Charley is 3 months old she is still "eyeing" Zachary.  Meanwhile he is still not even paying attention.  These kids are going to hate me by the time they graduate from high school. HA!

Charley's Dora & Boots Cake....YUMMY!

Charley & Mel.....Charley's birthday always reminds me of when Mel was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It has been two years. I remember at Charley's 2nd birthday the mood was somber.  Of course Mel & Wasson tried to make it fun but the thought of surgery, chemo, and cancer kinda put a damper on the party. Thank you God for the past two years of Mel being healthy. 
Charley & Wasson....Charley's 1st Love.
Zachary & Elliott getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!
Zachary loved playing in the inflatables! He was a sweaty mess!  So in between jumping and running around he would sit and "play" the video games. I say "play" because he has no idea how to play video games. We don't have anything like that so he thought it was cool. 
Kevin & Z playing games & cooling off!

This last picture cracks me up. Charley is a very animated & dramatic little gal. Her enthusiasm is contagious.  While opening her presents from her party guest she would get so excited & hug each of them.  It was a riot!.  When she would open some gifts she would let out a squeal and do a little dance.  Here is the reaction after opening something that she really loved.  She was in shock and so excited!  Personally this is how I felt after eating the biggest slice of that cake. I was in heaven!

Happy Birthday Charley. We LOVE you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Verdict is in.....LASIK is a YES!!!!

I am THRILLED!  After a 3 hour consultation on Friday, my eye surgeon said that I was a canidate for LASIK.  Thank you God! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I was so excited I could of hug my doctor.

There are several tests they do to determine if you are a good canidate. They basically take all your test scores and give each eye a rating.  My doctor is very conservative and will do Lasik on anyone that scores between a 0-13 on their scores.  Some doctors will go higher than 13 but he says he will not because he does not want the patient to experience side effects.  When he said I was a canidiate I asked what my scores were.  I have been praying that I would not be borderline. I wanted to be a solid GOOD canidate.  My left eye scored a 9 and my right eye scored a 7.  He said I was sitting in a perfect position! Again thank you God. 

So I will be getting LASIK surgery on July 8th!  I am counting down the days.  I know several of you asked about several pre-op concerns & questions and for that I am thankful!  You thought of things that I was concerned about too.  You're questions were addressed at the consult.  Here are a few just in case anyone is wondering for themselves in the future...

1.  Can you have LASIK before you are done having children?  YES!  Most (99%) of expectant moms will experience some changes in their vision during pregnancy and 6 months post-partum.    So with LASIK you will have some minor vision changes during pregnancy & after but they will correct themselves. My doctor said the hormones causes minor fluctuations but it will correct after baby has arrived.  I guess several years ago they recommended that you wait until you are done having children to have LASIK but they have lifted that rule...probably because they were losing patients??? Not sure but I am glad they changed this rule because I really want to be able to see a new baby in the middle of the night without my glasses.  So I am having LASIK before we even try to have baby #2. 

2.  Can LASIK cause dry eye?  YES!  My doctor already prescribed Restatsis to use as a preventative measure before the surgery and then I will use them for a month post-LASIK.

3.  How long does it take?  I will be on the Laser table less than 20 minutes.  He estimated start to finish with each eye to be 10 minutes which includes his scrub time. 

Well, thanks again for the prayers. I will keep you posted on how the procedure goes. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 be or not to be that is the question!

Ever since I have been in third grade I have been extremely nearsighted BLIND.  I wore glasses until seventh grade...thankfully my parents let me get contacts before junior high or else I would have been deemed the biggest nerd.  Since then I have worn contacts EVERYDAY.  I only wear my glasses to get me from the bathroom sink to my bed.   Since January I have been having a lot of eye infections.  After three visits to my eye doctor in two months and over $190 in prescriptions the opthamologist has informed me that my eyes are starting to reject the materials that contact  lenses are made out of.  END.OF.MY.WORLD.  I know some of you are rolling your eyes or not thinking it is a big deal...but to me this is one of the worst things that could happen.  The eye doctor gave me two options....daily disposible contacts OR the possibility of Lasik eye surgery.  I have always wanted Lasik but there was two problems the costs & the fact that my prescription was constantly changing.  After a  lot of thought  I decided I would order a 90 day supply of daily contacts. To be honest, I thought I would be able to get at least 180 days out of these contacts.  But after one day of wear I realized there was no way to "save" the contact for the next day.  They are paper thin and kinda deteriorate after 24 hours.  They worked great!  I loved them until I realized they were a little less than $200 for a 90 day supply.   At that price I figured it would be worth it to invest in Lasik Eye surgery. So at about day 70 I called the Lasik eye surgeon. I trusted him, respected his knowledge of Lasik, and appreciated all of his research on the topic.  After speaking with the consultation specialist at the office I learned that in order to be a canidate for Lasik you must wear your glasses for at least 14 days so that you eye will return to their original shape.  I started this process on June 10th.  I dislike HATE wearing my glasses.  They are heavy, hot, and I have no peripheal vision.  I am supposed to go to the Lasik consultation on Friday.  From my understanding the appointment is anywhere from 2-3 hours.  They do all kind of tests to measure the thickness of the cornea, measure the fluid levels in my eye, dialate the eyes, etc.  I am nervous. I'm not nervous for the actual Lasik surgery. I am more nervous that I will not qualify.  I have already prepared Kevin for tears if I do not qualify.  Again I know that sounds vain or petty but it how I will truly react. I will be SO disappointed.  I am trying to think positive and be optimistic but I am also trying to be real.  If Lasik is not a possiblity I might as well start looking for a dog and order a white cane.  No joke! 

So you are wondering where this long post is going.  Basically I am asking my readers if they would PLEASE pray for me.  Pray for my eyes that they are healthy enough for surgery.  Pray that I have a ton of moisture in my eyes. Pray that my pupals are less than 7 mm in the dark. Pray for my eye doctor and the staff.  I will keep you posted.  Thanks for the prayers. My consult is Friday the 25th so please pray. Thank you HIL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

After church we went to a local chinese establishment to celebrate Father's Day with our Lemon's family.  While we were there we also celebrated my Ruey & Freddy's 62nd wedding anniversary, as well as, the June Birthday's.  I love that our family gets together often to visit. 

I just feel so blessed to have my dad. He is the best dad in the world.  He has always be there for me.  Whether it was a choir concert or a Volleyball game (even though I sat the bench) he was always there with my mom to support me.  I can remember the summer before I left for college my dad and I would wake up at 6 am to walk the neighborhood and exercise.  On those walks my dad always offered advice and encouraged me. He calmed my fears about moving away for college, about getting a roomate, and about college.  He was right about everything.  When I became sick during my senior year of college he was my rock.  My mom and him would go to all of my doctors appointments and he would reassure me that everything was going to be matter what the outcome.  He is very giving and kind. He has a funny sense of humor and is the best joke teller/story teller in the world.  I am so blessed that I have gotten to see him as a grandpa/POPS.  He is the best.  He loves his grandkids so much and is always willing to help with them. In fact, Zachary thinks POPS is the best bath giver in the world. Zachary is always telling me I am not giving him a bath the right way because I am not singing Pops songs.   Thank you Dad for always being there for me and Rachel.  You are the best! 

Today we also are celebrating my husband.  He is the BOMB! Seriously, Kevin amazes me with how much he does for our family. I loved him when we got married but I found out I REALLY loved him when Zachary was born. When I see him with Z my heart melts.  He is always putting Zachary & I first. Our needs before his.  He is a godly husband and father and for that I am thankful.  Kevin we love you! One reason that Kevin is such a good father is because he had a great role father-in-law Marv.  Marv is such a good Father-in-law and has always treated me like I was his own daughter.  I am blessed to have a wonderful Dad, Husband, and Father-in-law.  Happy Father's Day to all the DAD's out there! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brothers....I mean cousins.

Zachary is always asking me if his brother can come over and play OR if we can meet his brother for lunch.  It cracks me up because he is talking about his cousin, Elliott.  Here are some pics of these two boys who bring SO much joy into my life.  They really are best friends and act a lot like brothers at time.  They totally look out for one another but they also argue & fight like brothers. Most of the time they are civil but there have been a few moments when I have had to separate them for wrestling or arguing.

Snack time & Pool Break
E & Z in the pool
It was funny because they made up games, races, and played like no one was watching. They had the best time!
No idea what they were doing....reminded me of when my sister and I were little. We would make up games in the bathtub that we would play over and over again.
Pure Summer Fun!

I noticed the boys got out of the pool and were running around in the yard.  I looked up from my magazine and saw this.....potty break.  Too funny!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Bowling!

My sister told me about this awesome deal at one of the local bowling alleys here in town.  It's a nationwide bowling campaign to introduce kids to bowling.  Basically you go to the website and click on your state and city.  Enroll your child online and print out the coupons.  Your child can go bowing 2 times per DAY....everyday of the week for FREE.  I like the sound of that. The only thing you have to pay for is the shoe rentals. Once you enroll they offer you a $24.99 family plan where 4 adults can bowl with the child for "free".  Rachel & I both enrolled in the family plan and have already got our money's worth.  We go at least once a week for our free bowling.  It's a great activity to do when it is steaming hot outside.  I am looking forward to the day when Kevin can come with us. He is not a fan of bowling....because I always beat him but I know he wants to go to bowl with Z.  We're are going to make it a big family night because Rachel has included my parents on her pass and I have included my in-laws on our family pass. 

Somehow I made it to the bowling alley with only one of Zachary's socks but I had two pairs of my socks in my purse. So Zachary wore a pair of mine. He didn't mind the pink at all. My sister thought it was hilarious and took this pic of him. 
Before I have a ton of questions....yes this is my sister. Yes, she did just have a C-section & her gallbladder removed.  And yes she did get permisson from her OBGYN & surgeon to bowl. 
Elliott getting the proper fingers in his ball. You should see him run down the lane and throw the ball like an adult. 
Zachary being a cheese ball waiting for his turn.
Of course, the best baby in the world. He just goes with the flow. He is always sleeping and never makes a sound. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cautious Zachary learns to swim!

My parents have given Zachary & Elliott a very important's one-one-one swimming lessons. My mom & dad have ALWAYS valued the importance of swimming lessons. My mom & dad had my sister and I in the swimming pool when we were 9 months old. Every summer we would take swimming lessons from the sweetest girls Kathryn & Lynn. Once we knew the fundamentals of swimming we were in the pool from 9 am until 4 pm.  We were literally like fish. 

Kevin and I took Zachary to Water Babies classes from the time he was 6 months old to two years but that was not technically lessons it was more of a water awareness/play time.  So on Tuesday, Zachary started his lessons with Coach D.  Coach D is the PE teacher at "my" elementary school.  She was "MY" PE teacher so it is great that she is now teaching my boy how to swim. My mom, sister, and I all warned Coach D that Zachary was going to be super cautious and very quiet.  He is nothing like Elliott is in the water. Elliott runs and jumps in...sometimes when he is not supposed too. In fact we joke that Elliott's name is FEARLESS and Zachary's name is CAUTIOUS. Elliott loves the water and took lessons last summer from Coach D because he was three.  This year both boys are taking them...different times and days so that they do not distract one another :).

Anyways, back to my story. So we get to Coaches pool early.  Not necessary intentional but it worked out great. There was a 'big kid" learning how to do flip turns and swimming laps.  Zach immediately looked at me and said, " Mom I am only three....I don't know how to swim like that". I comforted him and told him that Coach was going to teach him how to swim. When it was finally Z's turn he just walked right on in and acted like he knew what he was doing.  I couldn't wait to call Kevin and tell him.  During his thirty minutes, Zachary learned to put his entire face in the water, how to float on his back, how to use a kick board (aka motor boat), how to bounce like Tigger and go under, and how to jump in from the side without being caught.  Coach D & I were shocked!  Both of us thought that we would be coaxing him off of the side and that he would just put his feet into the water.  I was so proud of him!  I feel like I should send the "big kid" a thank you note for being such a wonderful example to him.  I really think that is why he did so good!


Standing all by himself and going under to get rings
Making White Water
Zachary using his "windshield wipers" to wipe off the water
Playing with the fun noodle getting Coach D wet....Z's favorite part

I was so proud of Zachary.  He can't wait until his lesson next week. I can't wait too because when he came home from the lesson he crashed for two hours. He was exhausted! 
Thanks Mom & Dad for his swimming lessons.  It is a gift we will treasure forever!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My mom retired!

On June 2nd, my mom retired after twenty years of school nursing.  She has been Jesus to thousands of elementary students over the past twenty years. Of course she does things like bandaids and ice packs but what you don't see is her taking them food in the summer time because they are left alone for days at a time without meals.  She also gets children to and from doctors & dentist appointments.  To a lot of these kiddos she is their mom or grandma.  She loves on them and provides TLC to these kiddos day in and day out.  She will be missed...A LOT!  I personally am glad that she is retiring because this means she can spend more time with us and taking care of herself. I pray that she gets to enjoy a retirement full of fun, travels, good health, and peace. Something my grandma never got to enjoy.  So on June 2nd we surprised Grammy at a 5th grade assembly.  Rachel & I with the boys hid in the janitorial closet waiting for the point in the assembly where they recognized mom.
My mom, her principal, and another teacher all retired the same year.
Family Picture with Kathryn.  Kathryn is a student whose mom got deathly ill last year. Kathryn's mom asked my mom if she could keep Kathryn while she was in the hospital.  Little did Kathryn's mom know that she was going to be in the hospital for over three months.  Kathryn moved in with my parents. My parents loved having a little girl in their home. They played UNO every night before bed like we did when we were kids.  I think my parents enjoyed having her as much as she enjoyed having a family.  She really got to know the boys well too.  Kathryn is graduating from Wilder as well.  
Grammy's boys being silly in the gym.
Grams with her principal and secretary
Group photo in the nurses office.

We are proud of you mom!  Enjoy your retirement! We love you!

Please not this is one day before my sister had surgery.  She just kept going and kept going. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You know its summer time when....

You know its summer time when....

You have fresh healthy salads with items from the Farmers Market.
You have grilled steak for dinner.
When you have fresh corn on the cob.
When you have fresh corn on the cob....every night.

We sure do love summer time.  Kevin is always home from work a little earlier in the summer than he is in the winter. No one wants that 4:30 appointment in the summer. So he comes home about 30-45 minutes eariler and grills dinner. I love it.  I get a break and a yummy dinner.  Oh summer how we have missed you!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day ready for picture overload! Our families enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day dinner at my inlaws house on Sunday.  We had the most wonderful time together.  First we enjoyed dinner. Then we went outside to play with the Gator, bubbles, and then we went fishing at one of my inlaws neighbors pond.  The boys were thrilled and each caught a catfish. 
Grandma Karen with Elliott &Jerrytt. 
One of the things that I love most about my in-laws is they love & treat Elliott & Jerrytt like their own grandsons.  They have always included my family in all of their events & holidays. If they do something for Zachary then they do the same thing for Elliott & Jerrytt.  They are wonderful!

Zachary with his bubble gun

Pops had to put on a helmet too. The reason the boys are wearing helmets in these pictures is that they were having gator races and were riding bikes. They jump from one activity to another but would leave their helmets on.

Group photo in the driveway. Karen was taking the picture. My mom was inside loving on Baby Jerrytt
Grams and her new baby boy

Uncle Matt & Elliott fishin' at the fishin' hole.

Elliotts BIG catfish

Three generations...Marv, Kevin, and Zachary

Zachary & PawPa with Zachary's fish

The walk back to the house. Zachary torturing his dad.

It was a wonderful night until my sister had to be rushed to the ER. Immediately when we got done fishing she started to have severe back pain and could not breath. This was not the first time this has happened in the past few weeks.  They diagnosed her with gallstones and she will be having surgery this week.  We were supposed to leave for Pennsyvania for a trip on June 3rd but we had to cancel the trip because of her surgery. We are bummed that we can't go see our PA family but relieved that they found out what is causing my sister so much pain.  Praise God we were not on the trip when she had one of these attacks. That would have been a nightmare!