Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post-Valentines day

So I never got our "actual" V-day pictures posted. I guess better late than never. We had a pretty jam packed day of Love on the 14th. Kevin popped up early to hit Bass Pro while Zachary and I slept in. We then had a late morning breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Zachary loved is special monkey pancake.

After breakfast, Zachary and I met my mom, sister, and nephew at the mall for some shopping. Grams and Poppy gave Zachary a very cool John Deere Barn set which he has not stopped playing with since he opened it. Valentine's evening, Kevin and I did our "annual" Valentine's Day dinner. Ever since our first Valentine's Day as a dating couple we have cooked a dinner together. I have to admit they used to be a lot more romantic but we still continue to make the same meals. It just seems that now we eat it a lot faster since Zachary joins us :). We always purchase lobster tails as our main meal. This year I hit a sweet deal at Price Cutter....$4.99 per tail. Then we had baked potatoes, shrimp scampi, and Kevin's favorite dessert. This dessert is the easiest dessert I make but he LOVES it. Personally, it is not my favorite but since it is part of the tradition and he loves it so much I always make it on V-day. Anyways it is a huge sugar cookie with a cream cheese icing and cherry pie filling. It was funny because I made Z one of his favorite meals. He was so busy playing with his new John Deere set that he never made it to the table. Kevin and I ate in peace while Zachary was falling in love with his tractor. We had a wonderful celebrating our love for each other. Zachary really enjoys all the holidays so it makes it even more exciting.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye Miss Mies

Yesterday our pet fish, Mies van der Rohe, passed away. My cousin, Abbey gave Mies to us on March 1st of last year. If you want to read about this story click here. Abbey thank you for providing a lot of joy to our little man. For the past two weeks Mies or as Zachary would say Me-Ze has not been doing well. Yesterday when we woke up we knew that Mies would probably not make it through the day. Zachary would check on her and tell me that she was sleeping on her rocks. She was a fighter and tried to make it but she went to be with Jesus last night around 9 pm. Zachary had a funeral for her this morning in the bathroom. After he flushed her, he said, "Bye Mies. Go be with Jesus and your mommy" After Mies was gone he said, "Oh No Mom Mies is gone." Here are some photos from this moment in time. Abbey thanks for allowing us to love on your fish. Kevin honestly thinks Mies died of old age. To be honest I am surprised Mies has made it for almost 12 months at our house. Zachary is already begging for another fish.

On another note, my families cat, Korona passed away last Saturday. We got Korona the summer before my senior year in high school. He was a wonderful, funny cat that we all loved a lot. It has not been a good week for our pets. Korona will be missed. However my parents already have a new little kitten that resembles my favorite cat ever "Lovable" and her name is Nellie. Zachary is super excited about her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here comes the bride

On Saturday I had the privilege to attend one of my good friend, Rosalyn's, bridal showers with my mom and sister. Rozzie has met the man of her dreams and I could not be happier. Roz and I lived together during dental hygiene school. She was a wonderful roommate, friend, cook, and study partner. When I think back to those two years I could not have done it without Roz. She and I had cubicles right next to each other in clinic too. We shared so many stressful moments, Jazzercise class, American Idol & Bachelor episodes, and most of all laughs.

Rozzie was by my side when Kevin and I first met and dated. She also was kicked out of the apartment the day that Kevin surprised me to propose. We shared so many things. I always hoped and prayed that Rosalyn would meet someone that made her happy like Kevin made me. She deserves the best and she found it in her fiance, Gary. I thank God that they found one another. Rozzie is going to make the best wife and mother. Rozzie we can't wait for your wedding. Thanks for having me at your shower. I love you Roz!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Little Valentine

I know it is early but Zachary celebrated Valentine's Day today at pre-school so we had to share. He was supposed to bring a Valentine card for each of his classmates and a Valentine's Day box to school. Zachary informed me last week that he wanted a Bob the Builder toolbox for his box. No such luck on finding that at Hobby Lobby or Wal-mart so we improvised. Last night (yes the night before the box was needed) Kevin, Zachary, and I put his Valentine Box together. Z was so proud of it. He loved it. So today he walked into school carrying his box with such ease and gentleness. It took him at least 10 minutes to get from the parking lot to his classroom because he did not want to drop his box. Honestly it is the slowest I have ever witnessed Zachary walk. He had to show all of his classmates. I went back up to his after his lunch to help with the Valentine's Day party. Z loved having me in his class and he enjoyed the trading of Valentine's. They also made a sock puppet puppy, a puppy love frame, and played games. Here are the events from today's party.

Zachary's 1st Valentine Box

He is so proud of it....

Rock My Valentine shirt from Aunt RachelWaiting patiently for the Valentine trade
Reading a Valentine Day book with Ms. Nikki
Zachary's teachers Ms. Nikki and Ms. Jen. Zachary is crying because a classmate poked him in the eye while trying to pose for the picture. After this picture he was in full tears. This was the best photo I took of the three of them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Superbowl 2009

I am finally getting to post about the Superbowl. I am hoping to get the BLOG caught up this without further ado. We celebrated the Superbowl at my in-laws house. This was our 4th annual Superbowl at their house. To call it a tradition is an understatement. My family was super pumped that the Steelers were in the Superbowl because my mom is originally from Pennsylvania. My sister is probably the Steelers #1 fan. After stuffing our faces we celebrated their victory. E and Z were super good during the game. They are such good friends and cousins. We were all elated, (except a few Kurt Warner fans), that the Steelers won. Here are our highlights from the night.

This next section is kinda silly to post but this was a first for me to witness....EVER! Kevin was in the choir at church on Super Bowl Sunday. The Sunday of Superbowl is "official" Baptist Men's Day. So our church packs the choir loft with they guys. Since I always have my camera with me I shot a few photos of Kev in the choir loft to show my sister and family that he really sang in the choir. I knew they would not believe me if they did not have proof. To quote the bible....Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord. Way to Go Kevin!

Friday, February 6, 2009

ELMO Live & E-man's birthday

I am a little behind on this blog but this week I have been consumed with MOPS stuff.


Anyways, last weekend my parents, Rachel, Matt, Elliott, Kevin, and I went to Kansas City for a little trip. We spent the night in hotel on Friday night and came back on Saturday evening. It was too short for me but we had a lot of fun. On Friday Kevin, Zachary, and I spent the day looking for furniture and items for our basement. We ended up meeting Mel, Wasson, and Charley at T-Rex for dinner. They were also in KC for the weekend. The kids were shocked when we met up for dinner.

As soon as dinner was done we rushed back to the hotel to decorate the room for Elliott's 3rd birthday. Within 30 minutes my parents, Rachel, Matt, and the birthday boy arrived. We celebrated E's party with ELMO cupcakes and gifts, followed by a dip in the hot tub. The next morning we popped up early to hit the Sprint Center for ELMO Live. The boys had no idea we were going there. They were SO excited. Grammy's and Pops got us the best floor seats so we could see everything. The kids really enjoyed themselves and each other. After ELMO we went to Fritz's Railroad Restraunt for lunch. The kids and the guys enjoyed the trains that delivered the food to the table. After lunch we headed home.

Zachary and Charley meeting in KC for dinner.

Kevin, Zachary, Charley, and Wasson at T-Rex
Decorated Hotel room for Elliott's surprise party

The hotel door to surprise Elliott.

I made E and 3 cookies for Elliott
Elliott's ELMO/Pirate cake
Elliott opening presents
Elliott showing off his new pirate towel from Aunt Howie, Uncle Kev, and Z

Zachary being a Pirate

The boys eating their ELMO cupcake ...notice Z's red lips and no shirts on to prevent stains.
The morning of the big surprise...ELMO live tickets.
Zachary sporting his Z is for ZACHARY ELMO shirt from Jen, Jack, Bubba, and Rose. Thank you!
Waiting to go into the theatre
ELMO and Friends on Stage

Grams and Poppy with their boys at ELMO

Rachel, Matt, Dad, and Elliott at adjacent booth at Fritz's Railroad Restraunt
Our Table
Zachary calling the conductor to order lunch

Funny/cute things that happened on our trip:

The boys had several surprises so after every event they would say "Another surprise?"

Elliott and Zachary were in separate cars. When we would depart from one place to the next, Elliott would say, "I really miss Zachary".

We had a wonderful weekend full of fun and memories!