Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Eve

One of my most favorite days of the entire year is Christmas Eve.  Ever since I was born we have spent Christmas Eve at Ruey & Freddy's house with the entire Lemons Family.  I can't imagine being anywhere else to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We always go to Christmas Eve service at the UMC church that I grew up in.  However this year again because of Will's breathing issues I was not able to attend church. I was so sad!  However, Kevin took Zachary while I stayed at Ruey & Freddy's house to give W his treatments.  After everyone returned from Church, Santa Clause made his appearance. 

 One of Ruey & Freddy's gifts to Z was "Moon Shoes".  Gosh you would have thought he won the lottery. He loves these silly shoes.
 After gifts Ruey & Freddy took a picture with their children. Renee, Diedre, Keran & Kelley
I love this pic!
 Right before we left to drive home we took a picture with Jason & Jacinda. 
I can't write my emotions on how much the Lemons family means to Kevin and me.  Yes, they adopted our family 35 years ago but they also welcomed Kevin & his parents 10 years ago.  A tradition that does not have to end.