Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrating Kevin's Mom

My mother-in-law's birthday on Dec 19th. For the past 5 years we celebrate on the Sunday closest to her special day. It's turned into a tradition that can't be broken. Both of our families get together for lunch and then we head to a local theme park to celebrate Christmas. No matter how cold it is we always go. Fortunately this year it was a lot warmer than years past. We had a wonderful day celebrating a birthday and Christmas all in one.

Here is the lunch spread. My wonderful mom made her "famous" quiche. I made homemade french onion soup. Then we had bagels, muffins, and ceasar salad. YUM!

Waiting to eat can see Rachel (& baby Jerrytt) in the background....this is the only pic I have of her or Matt.

Zachary picked this out for MaMaw's cake. Before Zachary my mom or I would make Karen a cake. Since the boys are here they love to pick out "FUN" cakes. It was either this one or a Transformer cake from Sam's. Luckily I could convience Zachary that grandma would like this one better.

My in-laws...Karen and Marvin

I love this one...Z & E look like they are planning something.
Elliott with Grandma Karen
Zachary with MaMaw
Kev and Hil
Mom and Dad

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