Thursday, December 3, 2009

Date Night with my 2 favorite guys

Before Kevin and I were parents we would go out to eat at least once a week. Usually we would get off of work on Thursday night. Come home, change and then go out to a sit down dinner. Sometimes we would go to dinner and a late movie. It was perfect because we could sleep in on Friday mornings. Since we became parents to our sweet little guy we do not enjoy going out to dinner like we used to. In fact the past three years has not been fun at all to go to a restaraunt. When Z was 12-24 months he would holler out or yell when he was done. It was so frustrating because one of us would have to get up and take him to the bathroom to "discipline" him. Meanwhile that persons food would get cold. The stress of trying to keep your kid in line while other dinner guests were trying to enjoy their food was not worth the hassle of going out. We just stopped going out. We would utilize curbside service and drive thru. UNTIL RECENTLY! Things have changed for us. Zachary LOVES when we take him out on a date. He likes getting ready and going out with us. It's still nothing like it used to be but we can finally get through our meal without any meltdowns. We color and play games while we wait for our food. Z eats all of his food. You can really tell he enjoys spending time with us out. For this we are thankful!

Not sure if you can tell or not but Z fixed his own hair. It was matted down with "hair gel". He was so proud of himself.

We have never tried the "new" Houlihans in our town so we thought we would try it. We were very impressed with the service and the food.
Kev got their So Cal Fish Tacos. He liked them but did not love them. This is his second time to try fish tacos. He has not cared for them either time. It comes down to the fact that he just does not like Fish Tacos.
I ordered their homestyle grilled chicken salad. It was massive and very good!
I was so impressed with their kids meals. First they brought out carrots and dips while we were waiting. Z chose quesadilla's. It came with fries and a milk. Then the kids meal comes with a cup of vanilla ice cream with or without chocolate syrup. We thought it was a great value at $4.99!

Z and Mom
My favorite part about Houlihan's was their dessert menu. You can chose "bites". They really are not bites but they are smaller portions of their regular sized desserts. They had a special going on where you can order 3 bites for $6.99. We figured we had already splurged a lot this week so we decided we would pull a "Ruey" (my Ruey ALWAYS orders dessert) and get dessert. We chose Creme Brulee, Snickers IceCream Dome, and Pecan Pie. YUMMY!

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner together. Z made it fun too. Funny thing was when we were done we called my parents to check in on them. They had just returned from seeing an afternoon movie, The Blideside. They were raving about it and offered to watch Z while we went to an evening showing. IT was the best of both worlds. Dinner and a movie date with Zachary and Kevin! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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