Friday, December 11, 2009

Class Christmas Party

We went to our Sunday School Class Christmas party last weekend. Our friends, Jill & Benjamin hosted the get-together at their home. Everyone brought appetizers, sides, and dessert items. The food and desserts were out of this world.

A tradition with Sunday School Parties is we have a white elephant gift exchange. For those readers that do not know what a "white elephant" gift it is something that you do not want in your home, you can not spend any money on it, and its more fun if it's something funny. Anyways, each couple was to bring one gift. When it came time for the exchange each couple drew a number. We got #5. Initially we opened a "couples romance kit" that had flip flops, a couples marriage scripture book, a medical hammer to check reflexes (the person giving the gift is a physician), and a little pen light. It was funny. So funny that someone stole it from us. I picked another gift and we got a velvet mans thong with jingle bells on it. The whole room was hysterical! I know what your are this a church function and who gave the thong. First, yes we are Baptist and yes Baptist' can have some fun! Second, the couple that gave the thong got it at another white elephant party..,or so they say. Funny thing is the rule of the game is if you get something that is wearable you have to wear it to church on Sunday.

Kevin and I thought it would be funny if Kevin put some jingle bells in his pocket so that when he walked he jingled too. Implying that he was wearing the thong. Our class got tickled again when they heard Kevin coming. I think some of them really did think he had the thong on. All I have to guess what we are going to bring next year for our gift? Watch out friends!

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Ryan and Lori said...

LOL! That is too funny! I love the idea of your husband putting bells in his pocket at church, very clever! Sounds like you guys had a blast.