Monday, December 21, 2009

Candy Gingerbread Houses!

Last year we started the tradition of decorating a pre-made gingerbread house. You can find these pre-made houses at Wal-mart, Target, etc. They are awesome because you don't have to spend all the time making the dough, cutting the perfect pieces, and getting the icing perfect to get your house upright. Instead you just pull it out of the box, mix the pasty icing, and then decorate. It's a lot of fun.

We were lucky because we got Elliott for the evening so we decided to decorate our house with him. The boys were very excited. It was hard for Kevin and I (who are VERY TYPE A) to let them do it themselves but we did. I was very proud of us! It was funny to see how the boys went about decorating their houses. Zachary wanted TONS of candy and every color. Elliott wanted very little candy and he wanted it all monochromatic. He chose an all-orange roof. Elliott also spent a lot of time making landscape....which is very Matt just like his dad. It was a fun night and both boys were uber proud of their candy houses.

The varieties of candy. If you purchase this kit know that there is not a lot of extra candy...for eating. So I pick up some Mike N Ikes and Skittles. Just a tip!

Check out Elliott concentrating...see his tongue. This is very much a trait of my Uncle Wayne Wood. Funny to see how similar they are.

Zachary eating...instead of decorating.
Zachary was more into the eating of the candy....yes he is like his mom in this area. WE BOTH LOVE CANDY!
Look at Elliott's monochormatic orange roof. After he worked for about 30 minutes on the roof he said he was done. We had to talk him in to doing the rest of the house. He was quite pleased with his work.
Elliott was so proud of his house.
Viola! Here are the finished house. Elliotts on Left with shrubs. Zachary's on right with LOTS of candy!

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Rachel Peacock-Young said...

I love that! Thanks for posting the pics of that event. Elliott loved showing me these and telling me about each picture.