Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

When we got home from Ruey & Freddy's we put out a cupcake & cookie for Santa. Zachary was very persistant that we had to leave Santa "water" because he probably got too much milk. This is funny because we often tell Z he needs water because he drinks too much milk. HA!
Z was already asleep so we put out the goodies for Santa. We then went to bed and woke up to a house filled with wonderful gifts. Kevin woke up at 6am, so excited for Christmas morning. While waiting for Zachary and I to wake up, he cleaned out our closet, read a magazine, did his daily devotion, and twittled his thumbs. At 8:00 am Zachary was up and he totally forgot it was Christmas. We had to show him his gifts and then let him wake up a minute. Once he woke up he was totally stoked.
Santa left Z a monster truck and a bowked. Mom and Dad gave Z a bike.

A letter from Santa, the stockings, and a small gift from Rudolph

Z realizing it was Christmas Morning and that Santa came to our house

We've got one happy three year old!

Zachary sitting on his new John Deere bike (it's a little too big...hoping he grows into it before summer)
Zachary with his "bowked". All Zachary asked for was a "bowked". We had no idea what a "bowked" was so we took him to Toys R Us and asked him to show us what it was. He showed us that it was a "Transformer". Personally, I am not a fan of boy toys. I don't get them nor do I know how they work. However, Santa Clause thought Z had been good and he deserved his wish. So he got a "bowked". Funny part of the story is that Z does not even play with this toy. Since he got it out of the box he realized that he does not really want it. Fine by me.

Kevin has to do all the "transforming" because it is too hard for a 3 year old

Mommy & Zachary on Christmas morning! I love this little boy SO much!
Trying out Z's new bike in the kitchen

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Kelly said...

The "bowked" is so funny! I'm going to show Braeden a picture of that toy and see what he calls it. Transformers are his FAVORITE!!