Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shorty the ELF

A tradition that we have done the past couple years is Elf on the Shelf.Its a childrens book and elf. The story is that an elf arrives at your home each night from the North Pole. He sits up high (so that no one can touch him) and watches the child)ren in the home. At bedtime he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa. Kev thinks its totally silly but Zachary and I LOVE Shorty. As soon as Z wakes up he is on the hunt to find where Shorty is hiding. He has been in our Christmas tree, in a stocking, on top of our entertainment system, and several other places in our house. We have to keep him HIGH because Zachary wants to hold him. Rumor has it if you touch Shorty he will lose his "magic". We're running out of places! Here are a couple of Shorty's favorite spots.


Aubrey said...

This is SO CUTE, Hilary! I want one! Where did you get Shorty??

Casey and Kim said...

We've ran out of places too! Casey has started using a little electrical tape on ICE-E. It expands his possibilities!